Speilberg secures a 3D trend in Films

Speilberg is looking at innovation in film and has now secured a 3D trend in films by buying the rights for Ghost in the Shell.

Speilberg secures a 3D trend in Films

The trend for live-action 3D movies has arrived

Stephen Speilberg has secured rights for Ghost in the Shell – a 1989 Japanese anime and manga release.

Speilberg is going to transform the story into a special effects packed live-action 3D movie, using the latest technology and techniques.

The trend for live-action 3D movies has arrived and the transition of anime to this genre is going to be a very interesting one.

3D films have existed in some way or form since 1915. They were noticeably included in the 1950s in American silver screen, and later encountered an overall resurgence in the 1990s driven by IMAX cinemas and Disney themed-scenes.

With Sony and Universal after the rights, Speilberg with a personal drive, pursued the rights for Dreamworks, his company.

This seems like a competitive bid with respect to Warner Brothers, recently announcing that they have secured rights to transform Akira which is another Japanese anime classic.

The story of Ghost in the Shell is about is Motoko Kusanagi who is a team-leading member of the Japanese National Public Safety Commission unit called Section 9 that fights technology crimes. Kusangi is a women that is bionic and has super-human capabilities and is almost completely non-organic with only her spinal cord and brain being human.

It will be interesting to see who gets appointed to play the role of Kusangi in the Speilberg movie with thoughts many female stars of previous action packed effects movies coming to mind and how this new genre of 3D film will pan out with audiences in the near future.

A very challenging and exciting revolution in the world of film, where technology once again meets film and dictates the development of a new movie genre.

Does this mean that this new genre of film will perhaps be adopted by Bollywood one day too? Or is this completely out of Bollywood budgets?

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