Indigo: How to Wear Fashion’s Biggest Trend

Indigo is the biggest colour in fashion right now. We look at the best ways to wear and style it to ensure you nail this trend.

indigo_ how to wear fashion's biggest trend - f

"Indigo is truly the colour of India."

Indigo is the biggest colour trend for the fall season of 2021 but how should it be worn? Is it about block colours or just hints and tones of indigo in parts of your outfit?

What about your skin tone? Does indigo match different skin tones or only certain ones? These questions will be answered with plenty of tips on how to wear this colour.

Firstly, it’s important to look at the history of indigo and where it comes from. Indigo is actually very important when it comes to India in terms of production.

Indigo cloth originated more than 5000 years ago when India, East Asia and Egypt extracted dye from the Indigofera Tinctoria plant. The blue dye they extracted was then used to dye their clothes.

The dye was so rare and expensive that only royals could afford to buy it. Indigo has come a long way since then.

Origins of Indigo

indigo_ how to wear fashion's biggest trend - origins

During the early part of the 19th century around 30,000 acres of land in India were involved in the cultivation of indigo. Blue dyes were used on everything from army uniforms to the bed linen of the queen.

Indigo is the oldest natural dye that can be used to colour any kind of fibre. As time progressed naturally derived indigo dye has been replaced with the production of synthetic indigo.

India continued to produce the dye naturally until the beginning of the First World War. The designer Karan Torani said:

“Indigo instantly sparks the picture of the revolts by Indigo farmers during the British Raj. From the Ashok Chakra to the royal families wearing deep blues, it’s truly the colour of India.”

The word indigo actually translates to mean ‘the Indian’ or ‘from India’ and its rarity made it as sought after as commodities like silk, coffee and even gold.

The move to synthetic indigo meant it became available to all people and not just royals. Today we see indigo everywhere but is it the right choice for you?

Why choose Indigo?

indigo_ how to wear fashion's biggest trend - why

When observing any new trend in fashion there are important questions to ask? The most important one is, is this trend for me? So, is indigo for you? In one word, yes.

Indigo is pretty much for everyone which is why it is such a simple trend to try for yourself. Firstly, it goes with every skin tone.

The deep, rich hue of indigo is perfect for every tone so there’s no need to worry about that. Not only does it match every skin tone, but it also matches every other colour.

What this means is that when choosing an outfit the colours you choose are likely to go with the indigo piece. There is no clashing to be seen even if you try.

Indigo can be dressed up and down so day or night, the office or a party, you will find an indigo outfit that’s just right for the occasion. This is also what makes it popular year-round.

The colour works all year round, no matter the season so investing in indigo pieces is worthwhile.

You won’t end up with anything that will go out of style.

Designer Nachiket Barve sums it up by saying:

“It’s one of the rare colours that works as well for summers as it does for winters. It’s very versatile. You can dress it up or down. Plus, one can easily even wear it during festivities.”

Now let’s look at some ways to wear this beautiful colour.

Wearing Indigo

indigo_ how to wear fashion's biggest trend - wearing

Wearing indigo in one focal part of your outfit is sometimes all you need as Sonakshi Sinha shows here. She has chosen a casual kaftan style top with mirror work and intricate embroidery.

The look is casual but smart enough to wear in settings such as an office meeting or to a dinner with friends. Sonakshi has even matched her eyeshadow to the top which you can do for even more impact.

indigo_ how to wear fashion's biggest trend - wearing2

Indigo is easy to wear head-to-toe as Karisma Kapoor has done here. She is wearing a gorgeous sequinned sari in a deep indigo colour. The shimmery look of the Manish Malhotra outfit is perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

Whether you are attending a Diwali function or a Christmas party, this is the type of outfit that will really make you dazzle. As Karisma has done, keep your jewellery minimal and your make-up natural. This allows the sari to shine even more.

indigo_ how to wear fashion's biggest trend - wearing3

Another great look for the holiday season is this dress worn by Janhvi Kapoor. The strapless dress has a plain indigo top adorned with a large bow.

The bottom half is a shimmery, sequinned skirt that is perfect for any party.

You can wear a gorgeous dress like this one designed by ATSU or you can even wear a separate top and skirt if you feel more comfortable. Keep the plain top and embroidered skirt in mind as this two-tone look is what makes the outfit work.

indigo_ how to wear fashion's biggest trend - wearing4

You can never go wrong with a jumpsuit no matter your shape or size. They always flatter as Shilpa Shetty shows in her striped outfit. Jumpsuits are easy to style as they are a whole outfit in one.

There is no need to mess around with separate pieces. Depending on the occasion you can wear them with a pair of heels to dress it up or keep it casual with a pair of trainers.

indigo_ how to wear fashion's biggest trend - wearing5

Block indigo always works well with an outfit but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mix it up sometimes. Disha Patani’s gorgeous summer dress designed by Ritu Kumar is a great example of this.

The dress is white but it is the indigo floral motifs that really bring this look to life.

Look for pieces that are embroidered with indigo rather than a whole block outfit.

It’s a great way to keep the trend looking fresh.

indigo_ how to wear fashion's biggest trend - wearing6

There are different hues of indigo and darker ones usually work better for evening events. Kareena Kapoor Khan is seen here in a gorgeous blazer and trouser set designed by ATSU.

The fabric has a sheen to it and the cut-out detail on the blazer is very on-trend. The blazer also has a plunging neckline which Kareena adorns with a delicate chain. This is a great party outfit choice for those of you who don’t like wearing dresses or skirts.

indigo_ how to wear fashion's biggest trend - wearing7

Dresses are very versatile when it comes to dressing up or down so it’s good to have an indigo piece in your wardrobe. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is seen here in a pretty indigo dress that is backless.

It is adorned with white floral motifs and white trim on the skirt.

Sonam has even matched the dress with an indigo handbag. Wear this on a night out with friends when you want to add a little bit of sexiness to your look.

indigo_ how to wear fashion's biggest trend - wearing8

Of course, there’s one type of indigo that must be mentioned and is probably the one that you all already own. It is indigo in the form of denim, mainly jeans. There are those who live in jeans and some who wear them occasionally.

With so many fits and styles of jeans available today, it would be criminal not to have at least one pair in your wardrobe. Dress them up with heels and a blazer for an office party or try double-denim like Parineeti Chopra.

As you can see indigo is a very versatile colour that is easy to wear and style in different ways. Whether it’s a sari, a lehenga or a pair of jeans there is an option for everyone.

It suits all skin tones and fits all shapes and sizes so investing in key indigo pieces for your wardrobe is a must. Experiment with the colour in different hues and at different occasions.

The holiday season is perfect to try indigo and see just how easy this trend is to get right. From its beginnings 5000 years ago it’s safe to say, indigo is forever.

Dal is a Journalism graduate who loves sports, travelling, Bollywood and fitness. Her favourite quote is, “I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying,” by Michael Jordan.

Images courtesy of Instagram, Unsplash and Pexels.

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