Kapil Sharma voices Anger at IndiGo over Flight Delay

In a series of tweets, Kapil Sharma slammed IndiGo for a flight delay that saw him and other passengers being made to wait for over an hour.

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"Do you think these 180 passengers will fly in IndiGo again? Never."

Kapil Sharma shared his frustrating IndiGo experience.

In a series of tweets, the comedian slammed the airline for its delayed departure.

He highlighted that passengers were made to wait on the bus and were not informed about the reason for the delay at Chennai International Airport.

It was later revealed that the delay was due to the pilot being stuck in traffic.

Kapil claimed that the airline made passengers wait on the bus for 50 minutes.

The flight was meant to take off at 8 pm but over an hour later, there was still no pilot.

Kapil’s first tweet read: “Dear @IndiGo6E first you made us wait in the bus for 50 minutes and now your team is saying the pilot is stuck in traffic. What? Really?

“We were supposed to take off by 8 pm and it’s 9:20, still there is no pilot in the cockpit.

“Do you think these 180 passengers will fly in IndiGo again? Never.”

Kapil Sharma then posted a video of the passengers getting off the stationary plane and being told that they would have to board another aircraft.

Footage showed disgruntled passengers making their way off the aircraft.

Kapil explained: “Now they are deboarding all the passengers and saying we will send you on another aircraft but again, we have to go back to the terminal for security checks.”

Another video posted by Kapil showed passengers expressing their annoyance at the airline.

The video showed one woman confronting a staff member while a man is heard saying:

“You don’t know what you are doing.”

As passengers continue to get agitated, they demand to speak to a senior member of staff.

Kapil commented:

“People are suffering because of you IndiGo. Lying, lying and lying.”

“There are some old passengers in wheelchairs and not in a very good health condition. Shame on you.”

Kapil Sharma’s ordeal divided social media users.

Some were shocked by the incident, with one person writing:

“I always believed that IndiGo is one of the most punctual airlines because I always had a great experience.

“It’s shocking to come across such news where passengers are suffering just because of the casual attitude of pilot and airline staff.”

However, others criticised Kapil for his behaviour throughout the delay.

One said: “You are a superstar! People follow you by example. Therefore, show your best side in the face of adversity!

“You are behaving like the new rich! Be mature man! You can not act everywhere like you do on comedy nights.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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