Saba Hamid addresses Portrayal of Oppressed Women on TV

Saba Hamid has addressed the portrayal of women in Pakistani television shows and how relevant it is in society.

Saba Hamid addresses Portrayal of Oppressed Women on TV f

“If women are visibly oppressed it will be written about."

Saba Hamid has spoken up about the portrayal of women in Pakistani dramas and the relevance it has on society.

She was the latest celebrity to join Vasay Chaudhry on Gup Shab and was asked by a member of the audience why drama serials were not moving forward from highlighting the oppression of women.

Saba replied: “I can’t give you a time for when we will get out of this, because a drama is made on what is visible in society.

“People think society is influenced by dramas, but I think otherwise.

“We show what is happening in society in our dramas.

“If women are visibly oppressed it will be written about.

“This perspective sheds light on the cyclical relationship between television dramas and societal narratives.

“Rather than dramas shaping societal norms, they serve as a mirror, reflecting the prevalent issues and dynamics within a given society.

“We cannot say that the industry has been destroyed with recent shows. It has been in constant change.

“That’s what happens when you are transitioning from older norms to new ones.

“The shows are still good, they are just different.”

Although Pakistani dramas are immensely popular, there have been occasions where they have been questioned for their depiction of women as the weaker sex who are heavily reliant on men and their acceptance.

In a previous interview with Urdu News, Saba Hamid shared her opinions on what she felt dramas should be about.

She had said: “Our dramas should show the honest picture of society.

“Dramas should entertain, they shouldn’t just be based on whining and crying.

“We should treat dramas just as we treat our routine life. I want to request the writers to make more sitcoms and light-hearted shows.”

Saba Hamid is a seasoned actress who has proved her versatility with her script choices.

She has starred in dramas such as Family Front, Mere Humsafar, Mann Mayal, Aisi Hai Tanhai, Prem Gali and Ghissi Piti Mohabbat.

She has two children, Meesha Shafi and Faris Shafi, from her first marriage to Syed Pervaiz Shafi.

Saba is currently married to Waseem Abbas and is stepmother to Ali Abbas, who is Waseem’s son from his first marriage.

Saba and Waseem starred in the 1997 sitcom Family Front. The show also starred Urooj Nasir and Samina Ahmed.

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