Is Grey Ombre Hair the Hottest New Trend?

Grey Ombre is the latest hair trend that has taken over social media. DESIblitz gives you an insight on the popular hair colour and how to perfect it.

Is Grey Ombre Hair the Hottest New Trend?

it's always harder to obtain any light colour on Asian hair

What is Ombre? Ombre is a gradient colour, beginning with a dark colour on the roots. This gradually becomes lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends.

A typical ombre colour is dark brown or black that gradually turns blonde.

While the blonde ombre look has been popular for a while, a new hair colour scheme is making the rounds.

Instead of using the typical blonde colour, Instagram is full of images of women trying out a unique colour – meet grey ombre.

Grey hair has long been a fashionably edgy look. But now the style has been updated for the modern day girl, by simply adding the word ‘ombre’.

The hair trend emerged from celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Rihanna who have each rocked this look at some point in their ever changing fashion looks. Now it seems like it is back with a bang.

Model and socialite, Faryal Makhdoom (wife of boxer Amir Khan) also rocked the look when she posted an image of herself in a grey ombre wig on her Instagram page.

Many women are now attempting to make this look their own, and #greyombre has been searched on Instagram with over 12,000 results!

Is Grey Ombre Hair the Hottest New Trend?

To achieve the grey look, Bleach Salon Manager, Sapphire Lewis tells GRAZIA: “The principles for achieving grey hair no matter what the effect are the same – hair is bleached evenly to the palest yellow and then toned.

“It just depends on the tone, for how deep you want it, if you want it steel-like, if you want it more violet, bluer or light and silvery.”

There are many how to do videos going viral all over YouTube and Instagram. However, it’s always harder to obtain any light colour on Asian hair. So it’s important to watch clips that vary from the normal way on how to achieve the look and search the ‘Asian method’.

That’s not to say it can’t be achieved, it just takes more time and consideration.

To save the hassle and headache, go to a salon. Leaving it to the professionals can be a much safer choice than trying it yourself.

The latest hair trend compliments loose waves and curls. It can be carried out well in summer and throughout autumn and winter.

Do you feel brave enough to try the new hair trend? You would think grey is a cold and dull colour, but it turns out splendidly beautiful.

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