Pakistani Officer marries Constable with 36-year Age Gap

A Pakistani senior officer has married a female constable, however, their 36-year age gap has raised eyebrows on social media.

Pakistani Officer marries Constable with 36-year Age Gap f

their age gap is raising eyebrows.

A Pakistani senior officer’s marriage to a constable has attracted attention on social media due to their 36-year age gap.

It was reported that DSP Sabir Chattha, the DSP of Narowal, Punjab, tied the knot with a constable named Iqra, a resident of Sohawa.

She is said to be a rookie police officer.

According to sources, DSP Chattha fell in love with the officer shortly after she was recruited by the Punjab Police service.

The pair later got married.

While the marriage seems normal enough, their age gap is raising eyebrows.

DSP Chattha is said to be 55-years-old while his new wife is just 19.

Netizens have been left divided following the revelation.

Some users are congratulating the newly-married couple while others are trolling the “odd” couple.

There are even some netizens who are criticising the DSP for marrying a young woman.

Marriages with vast age gaps tend to be frowned upon, however, they are not uncommon in Pakistan.

In one instance, a 23-year-old Pakistani man from Punjab’s Gujranwala district married a Czech woman, aged 65.

The woman travelled to Pakistan to tie the knot.

The man, identified as Abdullah, explained that he had been in a relationship with the woman for three years.

During that time, he repeatedly proposed to her and she kept refusing. However, Abdullah persisted and she eventually accepted his marriage proposal.

Abdullah is a painter in Verpal Chatha while his new wife was a German and English teacher in her native Czech Republic.

She explained that she had a long-running legal battle with the Pakistani embassy in Prague in order to obtain a visa so she could travel to Pakistan to marry Abdullah.

Following his marriage, the Pakistani man said he would like to have lots of children.

He also revealed that his marriage to the Czech woman has raised his status within his family. Those who did not speak to Abdullah now invite him and his wife over to their houses.

Some people have claimed that Abdullah only married so he could obtain a visa.

However, he dismissed the claims and said he did not care about a visa.

While he stated that he loves her, his wife said she would like to live in the Czech Republic. The couple are now waiting for the pandemic to be over so they can travel there and live there.

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