Beautiful Katan Saree Styles and Designs to Wear

Magnificent colours woven into luxurious silk fabric, makes a Katan saree one-of-its-kind. A perfect choice for attending weddings and formal occasions.

Beautiful Katan Saree Styles and Designs to Wear

This royal saree fabric has its origins in the glorious Persian empire

Katan saree fabric is created by intertwining threads of silk together.

The result is a distinctive and gorgeous fabric that is both durable and sturdy.

A Katan saree, with its intricate patterns and glorious weaving, is easy to drape and gives you a regal look.

DESIblitz takes a look at some beautifully regal katan sarees to wear.

Royal Origins

This royal saree fabric has its origins in the glorious Persian empire. It made its way into India with the great Mughals. The queens and princesses wore the most exquisitely woven Katan sarees during that era.

This fabric is fabled to have trickled down to the masses by the ritual of handing down once-worn clothes by the royal ladies.

The gorgeous patterns, along with the sturdy and durable nature of the fabric, makes it one of the most preferred sarees even today.

Styles and Varieties of Katan Saree

There are a number of styles for you to choose from. The regal look of the saree is greatly enhanced by the use of ornate motifs.

Here are a few traditional varieties of the Katan saree that you can try:

  • Katan Butidar ~ with intricate gold or resham butis (designs)
  • Katan Butidar Mina ~ in this variety, the pattern is made with zari threads
  • Katan Brocade ~ spectacular designs are woven with gold threads
  • Katan Butidar Paga ~ the buti work is spaced at exactly four inches apart

Take a look at Utsav Fashion’s collection of silk sarees for inspiration.

Modern Day Innovations

Apart from these traditional styles, weavers today have innovated further to create some of the most beautiful and modern Katan saree styles.

These are designed keeping in mind the modern woman and are perfect for weddings.

  • Katan Buti Zari Resham ~ drawing inspiration from the traditional Katan Butidar, this style has been created to suit the aesthetics of the modern woman.
  • Katan Jal Set (Jangla) ~ beautiful floral motifs woven into the fabric, making this an ultimate addition to your wardrobe.

An Heirloom to Cherish

Owing to its timeless design and style, a Katan saree is one of the most preferred sarees for women of all generations. The sarees usually come in vibrant colours such as red, pink, yellow, and royal blue.

Ritu Sharma, a Chartered Accountant from Bengaluru says:

“My mother has a fantastic antique black silk Katan saree with elaborate brocade work. It was something she inherited from her mother when she got married, and she will pass it on to me at mine. It is our very own ritual.”

Explore Katan saree designs by Weaver Story here.

A Gorgeous Choice for Every Occasion

The gorgeous golden thread used for the “buti” work makes the saree fit for weddings, engagements, sangeets, and other such occasions. For a petite bride, this saree can even be a glamorous alternative to the more cumbersome traditional Benarasi saree.

Indian Silk House has some beautiful saree designs here.

It is very easy to drape and gives a regal silhouette to the wearer. The Katan saree is in itself heavily embellished, therefore it requires minimum jewellery to compliment your attire. If effortless elegance is what you prefer, this is absolutely the perfect saree style for you:

“My wedding is scheduled during summers and there was no way I was going to wear a heavy silk Banarasi.

“That is when I discovered this lightweight yet regal-looking Katan silk saree at the store. It is a beautiful red saree with ornate gold details. This is like a dream come true,” remarks Riya Vajpayee, a financial analyst from Delhi.

Take a look at here.

Accessorising your Katan Saree

As mentioned before, these sarees are very easy to accessorise. Pair your saree with classic and comfortable heels for a better drape and fall. Both Indian and Western jewellery styles go perfectly well with this kind of saree.

You can opt for traditional kundan sets or go for more modern diamond or gold jewellery to glam up your look. Add an edgy twist to your traditional saree with a bold blouse. Complete your look with a nice clutch.

Maintaining your Saree

Even though these sarees are much more durable than silk, there are a few steps you should take in order to maintain their quality.

Keep your saree wrapped in a soft muslin or cotton cloth, and avoid washing it often. Make sure to use a mild soap, if you must wash your saree, and dry in the shade.

So, look effortlessly regal in a luxurious Katan saree. With its timeless appeal and gorgeous look, it is definitely a must have in your wardrobe.

An aspiring storyteller, Mridula has found her passion in inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves. She lives by the motto, “Dream until your dreams come true.”

Images courtesy of Utsav Fashion,, Weaver Story, and Indian Silk House

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