7 Beautiful Footwear Styles to Wear with a Saree

Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Here are seven footwear styles that will look beautiful with a saree.

7 Beautiful Footwear Styles to Wear with a Saree f

"You can judge a person by their shoes"

An essential part of styling your saree is choosing beautiful footwear to complement it.

It is significant to note sarees are one of the most experimental Desi attires. Hence, you should not be afraid to experiment with your footwear and shoe styles.

A saree can be draped in several ways and styled with designer blouses.

To choose the right pair of footwear for a saree you must consider three elements.

The type of saree (Taant, Kasavu, Kanjeevaram), how you drape it (Bangla, Maharashtrian, Mumtaz styles) and the occasion (casual, formal or a wedding).

Of course, bringing in your sense of style and expression is also important.

It is widely said that you can judge a person by their shoes.

Not certain if that is true yet your aesthetic sense can surely be judged by your choice of footwear.

DESIblitz brings you seven incredibly beautiful shoes that you can wear to enhance the elegance of a saree.

Court Heels

7 Beautiful Footwear Styles to Wear with a Saree - court heels

If you have ever worn a pair of court heels then you know the instant rush of confidence and innate power you feel when you wear them.

That does come with a bit of pain and discomfort, but nothing can make you walk more elegantly than a pair of court heels.

Known as courts in some parts of the world, they are designed with a low-cut front and without a fastening.

They come in a range of colours and styles which give you tremendous choice to match with your saree.

Sarees and court heels have one thing in common, if worn correctly they can make any woman feel and radiate sensuality.

If they are carried well, then a saree and court heels can make a lethal combination.

Kolhapuri Juttis

7 Beautiful Footwear Styles to Wear with a Saree - kolhapuri juttis

Kohlapuri juttis are the go-to footwear for any desi attire. Normally worn with kurtas and suits they can also be teamed with sarees.

Sarees are stunning, but the six-yard attire can be quite a hassle to carry if you are not used to wearing it frequently.

In that case, you can pick Kolhapuris to wear with it.

They are gorgeous, traditional as well as comfortable.

Also, they have been worn with grace by numerous celebrities such as Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor and so on.

They would be perfect to wear at a traditional ceremony or family function, especially if you were to do a lot of running around hosting the event.


7 Beautiful Footwear Styles to Wear with a Saree - sandals

If you are going to wear a saree for a semi-formal or casual occasion, then you can pick a pair of comfortable and stylish sandals.

They are meant for a more routine occasion, but you can pick a pretty embellished pair and glamorise a simple saree.

Sandals are also comfortable and let you be on your toes for longer.

Therefore, if you prefer comfort over painful heels, then sandals will be your ideal footwear of choice.


7 Beautiful Footwear Styles to Wear with a Saree - open toe

Open-toe shoes are a fashion fix for sarees to wear on festivities or formal occasions.

They provide poise and elegance to any attire.

The beauty of these shoes is that they can make even a simple saree appear more extravagant.

The elevation they provide you with enhances the style of your saree and keeps you from stumbling over the edges of your saree.

Open-toes are shoes that give you that much-needed rise for a saree and let you flaunt your toes and feet.

To add value to this footwear a good pedicure can go a long way.


7 Beautiful Footwear Styles to Wear with a Saree - juttis

Juttis are an eclectic kind of Desi footwear that can work with almost anything; suits, kurtas, dresses, jeans, and even sarees.

There is a wide range of juttis and mojaris to choose from. You can wear a jutti with a saree for any casual, semi-formal or formal occasion.

Juttis are a bit of tradition for your feet. They would be ideal to wear for a Desi festival, family wedding or functions.

Thin-Strap Stilettos

7 Beautiful Footwear Styles to Wear with a Saree - thin strap

Any type of heels would go well with a saree but a pair of delicate strap stilettos would make you look feminine and graceful.

They are the minimalist of heels, which let you flaunt more of your feet.

A pair of thin-strap stilettos would look exceptional with a saree. The potential pain factor could make you think twice.

Remember no pain, no gain.

Particularly if you will be donning a saree and this footwear style for a brief time, then it is worth it.

Sandal Heels

7 Beautiful Footwear Styles to Wear with a Saree - sandal heels

Sandal heels are available in two forms. Firstly, block heels. This type of shoe is designed with thin straps over the toes and a chunky, block heel.

Secondly, pencil heels. Like block heels, pencil heels have a thin strap but they have a thinner heel.

Both shoe styles make for a perfect semi-casual pair of heels.

If you are looking for a formal pair of heels, which are meant for work only, a formal occasion with no pomp and show, then these can be your perfect footwear.

They can make everyday cotton sarees look stylish and worthy of wearing to work.

Eccentric Shoe

7 Beautiful Footwear Styles to Wear with a Saree - eccentric

If you are not afraid to experiment with your footwear, then this bold and daring pair of heels are for you.

Encrusted with gold spikes these heels will provide your saree with that edgy look.

The inclusion of a contrasting print on the sides of the footwear insert a unique twist, while the solid turquoise heel adds a pop of colour.

This would be best worn to jazz up a rather plain saree to avoid a major clash of colours and prints.

We recommend wearing these types of heels with a pant-style saree. This will allow you to show off your eccentric heels.

Our Advice

You can carry your sarees any which way you want. The shoes you wear along with them carry you and your style.

Pick the right pair to style with your saree and put your best foot forward, literally.

We hope our style guide will help you select your ideal footwear for various saree styles and occasions.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

Images courtesy of Google Images.

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