5 Sexy & Stunning Looks of Bollywood Stars

Bollywood stars play a key role in conservative societies. They live out their sexiness. DESIblitz explores 5 sexy looks of Bollywood stars.

5 Sexy Looks of Bollywood Stars-f

The star-studded outfit has tassels swinging from the sleeves.

From showcasing svelte cures to mouthwatering cleavage, Bollywood stars are no longer coy about bearing all. In a world of body positivity and female empowerment, Bollywood divas are all about positively showcasing sexy looks.

With camera shutters clicking, all eyes are on each step these trendsetters take.

Travelling up the sleek exposed skin and landing on whatever chique outfit the female celebrities, or their stylists, donned them in, these ladies are awe-inspiring.

In conservative India, some women will watch from their television screens and think fanciful thoughts. Others may grimace.

But one thing is certain, these five sexy and stunning looks are unique in their own way.

Trendsetter and globe-trotter, actress, and model, Katrina Kaif is never one to shy away from steamy shoots. This Bollywood beauty’s outfits are unforgettable. Singh is King had women taking notes and men’s mouths watering.

Another Bollywood lead, Malaika Arora, is known for her controversially risque outfits. If Munni Badnaam Hui was anything to go by, Malaika makes Desi meet sexy with ease.

Janhvi Kapoor has lots to live up to. The daughter of heartthrob, Sridevi, is a beauty in her own right. She makes being sexy simple in Dhadak.

Bollywood newcomer, Alaya F, inherited a transformed industry. In Jawaani Jaaneman, the young actress keeps with the industry theme and makes being sexy a natural state.

Miss World winner, Bollywood and Hollywood superstar, Priyanka Chopra adds her own stamp to all her endeavours. Being sexy isn’t any different.

DESIblitz looks at five sexy looks of Bollywood stars Katrina Kaif, Malaika Arora, Alaya F, Janhvi Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.

Sexy Summer

5 Sexy Looks of Bollywood Stars

Katrina Kaif’s nonchalant sexiness is clear in her short denims which rip at the bottom to exhibit more of her sun-glazed thighs. Her knotted crop-top adds another pull of sexiness to her look.

The netted sleeves leave just enough of Katrina’s skin bare. With the contrast between bare and covered, Katrina creates a collaboration between sexy and effortless.

Katrina calls this: “A very basic “door” pose.”

What door are we talking about here? All we can see is a hot and stunning Kat.

Though simple, there is nothing “basic” about this Bollywood diva’s sexy look.

The blue and white combination of this look adds a sense of calm that only summer can bring.  Low-cut, tan cowboy boots add serious sexiness to the relaxed summer look and maintain the light-coloured theme.

This sexy look is in complete harmony with the right amount of skin-to-cloth ratio. Katrina knows how to keep minds wondering by showing just enough.

Katrina’s toned midriff is almost bare whilst the strip of material acts as a sexy tassel.  A simple necklace lays on her chest so our eyes remained focused where they need to be: her outfit.

Hair seductively pushed to the side, Katrina makes being sexy serious business.

Sexy Meets Traditional

5 Sexy Looks of Bollywood Stars

Malaika has heads turning with this eye-catching, sexy piece. The blood-red colour of her sari has hearts pumping and matches with her statement necklace which lays on her exposed skin.

Malaika transforms the traditional sari into a sex symbol.

Her low-cut blouse revamps traditional sari custom and makes her transcend boundaries. Her sexy nails and finger rings blend harmonically with her daring regalia.

This outfit fits with Malaika’s controversial personality. Most of her skin is covered yet the stark colour makes her outfit appear daring.

She shows in her bold red attire that she isn’t afraid to be herself.

With this fearless look, embroidery is at a minimum. A couple of items of statement jewellery were enough. The silky fabric emphasises the sultry touch in an already sexy outfit.

At Leisure, At Work

5 Sexy Looks of Bollywood Stars

Perfectly worded by celebrity stylist, Tanya Ghavri, this photo gives the clear message “At Leisure, At Work.” The cream blazer gives a business vibe whilst the cropped yoga pants add a relaxed feel.

The sexy bra matches perfectly with Alaya F’s auburn lipstick. The darker colours add an element of extra sexiness.

Her figure isn’t concealed despite the oversized blazer. In fact, this fashion piece draws in and compliments her cinched waist.

Though, Alaya F humbly says on her Instagram, “Yes yes, I was sucking my stomach in and holding my breath.”

With little left to the imagination, Alaya F’s slender physique is enviable and her outfit seductive. Her hair is back in a bun but tousels of the brunette beauty’s hair lay relaxed on her shoulders.

Alaya F’s minimalistic nail work keeps the focus on her outfit whilst also matching the sexy theme.

Her statement look suggests that she could be going to the gym or setting off for a day at work.  Either way, she looks sexy.

This sexy ensemble gives the clear message that the Bollywood diva does business in her own time.

Simply Sexy

5 Sexy Looks of Bollywood Stars

Tanya Ghavri is at it again when it comes to creating sensual styles. She describes Janhvi Kapoor’s sexy look as “Chic, extravagant with a flair of fabulous.”

And that it is.

The young actress has Bollywood blood of royalty and she isn’t afraid to mould her own place.

Janhvi is all about the mysterious look with her auburn theme. From her messy hair to her auburn split dress revealing her tanned, shapely legs.

That isn’t the only split that has eyes falling on Janhvi’s flesh.

The elongated cut on her neckline draws eyes down and adds that extra sexy as if it was needed. Gold heels make this sexy outfit out of this world.

Janhvi’s outfit could be worn to a dinner party or the red carpet.

Bollywood meets Hollywood

5 Sexy Looks of Bollywood Stars

Priyanka playfully labels this look “Tassel fun.” The sexy Bollywood superstar chose this daring outfit for her Grammy appearance in 2020.

The star-studded outfit has tassels swinging from the sleeves. The outfit is covered in studs and the low-cut dress shows off Priyanka’s belly button piercing.

Serious glamour is shown in this outfit. From the white-and-silver theme to the otherwise modest dress if it weren’t for the dip that exposes Priyanka’s bosoms.

The dangling silver earrings contribute a touch of class to the floor-sweeping dress. Straight hair and clear nail extensions maintain the ‘all attention on the dress’ idea.

Though Priyanka was subjected to some trolling online for her plunging neckline. Another Bollywood starlet jumped to her defence.

Katrina Kaif supported the stunning outfit:

“I thought she looked beautiful in that outfit.”

Katrina’s word is final.

The gown was fit for a superstar and Priyanka certainly matches the description.

The Bollywood-Hollywood diva pulls this outfit off with elegance whilst showcasing her sexy appeal.

Five sexy looks of Bollywood stars have been showcased. In the fast-paced world of Bollywood, sexiness is everywhere. Whether it’s simplistic sexiness or daring apparel, sexiness is an essential part of Bollywood.

Bollywood actresses are no longer afraid to expose skin and are boldly doing it. Each actress represents her personality through her fashion choices.

Sexiness is embraced in each superstar’s own way. Being glamourous in the world of Bollywood is a must.

Whether women are fanciful in watching these Bollywood stars or enacting their fashion choices, Bollywood celebrities play a key role. In an otherwise conservative society, Bollywood divas are the pinnacle of sexiness.

These trendsetters have the impact of changing fashion for a generation. Fashion has changed in Bollywood but sexiness remains.

Traditional is still sexy but the lines between the two continue to blur.

Arifah A.Khan is an Education Specialist and creative writer. She has been successful in pursuing her passion for travelling. She enjoys learning about other cultures and sharing her own. Her motto is, ‘Sometimes life doesn’t need a filter.’

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