15 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani

From lingerie to bikinis, Disha Patani does not shy away from sexy attire whilst also showing her elegance in formal styles. We take a peek at her fashion.

15 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - f

The dress parades Disha's toned legs with a very thigh-high slit on the side.

When it comes to fashion and looking sexy, Bollywood actress Disha Patani instantly comes to mind.

This is one woman that does not shy away from flaunting her exquisite body following all that dedication to her fitness regime.

So, when it comes to clothes and fashion looks, most of what she wears tends to look great on her with minimal fuss.

Known for closeness to Tiger Shroff, who also is a fitness fanatic, the pair has shown their commitment to looking good both on and off screen.

Born in Bareilly, India, the actress has a distinct love for certain western clothing brands and also does enjoy wearing casual and sporty items a lot too.

However, when it comes to formal attire, Disha Patani always wows and stuns fans, especially in Desi wear.

We select 15 fashion looks of Disha Patani which we feel really are stunning and sexy.

Foxy in Silver 

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - Silver Dress

When Disha Patani was awarded Best Debutant at the IIFA Awards 2017 in New York, she definitely made a stunning appearance on the green carpet in a gorgeous silver outfit.

With a hand from celebrity stylist Tanya Ghavri and hair by  Marce Pedrozo, Disha looked radiant in this striking attire.

The shoulder-less dress made from sheer material fits nicely at her bust and then hugs her waist.

It continues into a delightful flowy all covered in vertical stripes of embellishments.

Finished with a silver double-threaded neck accessory and open toe silver shoes on her feet, the look is utterly stunning and foxy.

Simple & Sexy

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - klein underwear

When it comes to underwear, Disha Patani has a love for the brand, Calvin Klien, and she sure knows how to make it alluringly sexy!

Many times we have seen her wearing CK underwear and showing us how incredible she looks.

This might not be the sexiest of underwear when it comes to materials or designs in terms of lingerie because it is a very simple but very fashionable statement.

The simplicity of the underwear in this look with its cotton finish in black, adds a very sensual touch and fitting look to her pose.

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - klein underwear white

A look in underwear that Disha Patani is getting very well known, even in other colours, for with fans and admirers alike.

Chic in Leather

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - GQ colour

A gorgeous black leather dress is what Disha Patani wore for a GQ India fashion shoot. An ideal choice for a sassy shoot oozing sex appeal.

The dress parades Disha’s toned legs with a very thigh-high slit on the side.

With large padded shoulders, the dress opens up at the bust showing off her cleavage. It then accentuates the waist and opens up with a style below just below her knees.

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - GQ bw

The outfit is completed with high-heeled black stilettos. 

Bikini Wonders

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - bikini

Disha is known for her love for travelling and we get to see her around the world also showing off her fashionable looks.

So, when it comes to trips in the sun, we are sure to see her turning the heat up.

Disha always makes sure we get to see her in different styles of bikinis.

A favourite fashion item that she likes to wear with blue skies, clear waters and on or around the beach.

This look shows her in a black one-piece as she gazes at the sea with a lovely stylish front with holed panels and ties at the back.

Her looks in bikinis, be they two-piece or full body bikinis definitely show-off her figure in the most stunning way.

Be they simple designs or those in colour and stylish fabrics.

Antique Ivory Dazzle

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - Falguni Shane Peacock India full

When attending any Desi event like a wedding or reception then wearing ethnic attire is a look that can never be beaten.

This gorgeous lehenga worn by Disha to the Isha Ambani reception is a magnificent example of a designer outfit worn by her.

Designed by Falguni Shane Peacock, this antique ivory lehenga is intricately and incredibly embroidered. It is paired with a matching stylised blouse.

The long sleeved blouse has the embellishments running down both arms and shows off her bust and midriff.

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - blouse

The outfit is completed with a sheer dupatta of the same colour.

Sporty and Cargo

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - cargo pants top

Sports attire is something Disha Patani adores wearing. Especially, to go with her lifestyle of fitness and being active. We bring you two of her fashion looks in this style of streetwear.

The look on the left is a stylish black crop top with one long sleeve and the other completely off the shoulder.

The top is accompanied by slick looking shiny black and navy blue cargo pants with large side pockets, which have a tying material belt around her waist. She completes the first look with black streetwear trainers.

Her second look favours a normal dark olive green t-shirt crop top which is paired with matching cargo pants which have white and black blocks on them.

The pants are held up on her wait with a think black belt and she wears flat black and grey trainers to finish the look, along with a colourful armband on her right arm.

Hourglass Extravagance

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - Maison Yeya

Couture designs by Maison Yeya are known for their extravagance and voluptuousness. In this instance, Disha Patani wore a creation by the designer to Deepika and Ranveer’s reception. 

The outfit gorgeously accents Disha’s figure in an hourglass look.

The silver-grey gown huge her figure at her legs and hips and takes you to wonderful connection to her train behind, which connects from the bust and outwards off-the-shoulders.

The dress itself has beautiful intricate embroidery in the middle region.

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - hourglass

With styling by Mohit Rai, Disha wears jewellery by Minawala jewellers and open-toe heeled shoes by Aldo.

Cute Pink & Stripes

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - pink stripes

Summertime always provides a great time to experiment and be bold with fashion looks. Disha Patani definitely turned the heat up with this cute pink off-the-shoulder dress.

The trendy look with thin white vertical stripes, a criss-cross tied up centre and balloon sleeves on the arms, really brings out the boldness of the dress.

Her top bun hairstyle goes really well with the look which is finished off with white and pink laced canvas shoes.

Bridal Delight

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - Kalki bride

Bridal collections worn by Bollywood actresses definitely inspire brides-to-be. Disha Patani shows her bridal look wearing a gorgeous Kalkani Fashion creation.

The outfit is a mesmerising melon pink raw silk lehenga.

It is set in incredible and intricate multicolour resham, ari and zardozi embroidery.

The design, colours and fitting are perfect for Disha who graces the catwalk showing of the piece.

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - kalki closeup

The matching and stunning blouse and thin dupatta with tassels, both complete the overall outfit.

Golden Magic

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - Golden

A golden dress adds a dose of luxury and panache to any look. But this one creates pure magic with Disha Patani wearing a lush and stunning creation weaved in shades of gold.

With a show of her thigh and right leg peering out of the dress, it adds a gorgeous hint of sexiness draped in luxury.

The dress is a mix of sheer and golden silk patterns going up to the top which has sequins and embellishments embroidered all over it.

It highlights the cusp of her bust and has a lovely designer bag on a belt around her waist.

Her golden heeled shoes finish this very elegant look of Disha wonderfully.

Ripped Denim

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - Jumper fun

Fun sweat tops are a great fashion item and can be worn with virtually anything from jeans to leggings to skirts. But when worn with ripped shorts like Disha, it adds a new dimension to the style.

In this look, we see Disha wearing Only India attire who target their fashion for ‘everyday wear’. 

The red sweat top with a grumpy kitty in a Santa hat and a fun slogan shows a festive touch.

When paired with the ripped denim shorts with lips all over them it gives Disha’s fashion a very bold and sassy appeal.

This is simple and to the point fashion with a relaxed but very attractive style.

Green Sensation

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - Green

Elegance with style is the gorgeous look in this outfit Disha wore to the Isham Ambani wedding ceremony.

This lovely mint linear sharara with the blouse and ruffle jacket is a creation designed by Arpita Mehta. 

The flowy style is adorable when walked with. The wide stripes of mini flowers and borders on the sharara add a very fresh look to the outfit.

The fitting is perfect for Disha which shows off her curves nicely as styled by Tanya Ghari.

Luxury Brassiere

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - black brassiere

The focal point of this fashion statement by Disha Patani is her bold and luxurious brassiere.

The golden studs on the bra accentuate this specific style.

Paired with black waist fitting leggings and a black jacket worn over the top of the bra, make this look radiant, lush and very sexy.

The makeup and hair add to the seduction of this pose and enhance the sex appeal of the attire worn.

One to wear, if you dare.

Shimmering Grey

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - grey blue

Evening dresses for awards events are always the place to see how Bollywood stars choose specific looks. This one worn by Disha Patani at the Elle Beauty Awards is an exemplary choice.

The gorgeous shimmer of this grey and blue toned outfit grabs attention with ease.

Styled by Mohit Rai, the off-the-shoulder dress designed with a side train works nicely with Disha’s figure.

The design gathers its layers upwards to the right corner on the hip and works up to the bust, where it is accentuated with star embroidery and netted fabric in grey.

Matching grey open toe shoes finish the outfit nicely.

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - grey blue close

Deep makeup and gorgeously styled hair are unequivocally spot on. 

Fitness Appeal

12 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - sporty

A major part of Disha Patani’s lifestyle is working out and fitness. This is something she also likes to show-off in her fashion.

Wearing brands like Puma and Addidas are typical attire we see her in.

Especially, when she is going in and out of the gym or spotted at the airport.

This specific fashion look with a navy sports bra top and silky pale blue shorts show off her toned abs and muscles.

Disha’s designer zipper hoodie grey-white top which she wears over her bra is cut at the mid-riff too and has straps which go over the hands.

Her standing next to weights on a rack shows us attire she likes to wear when training with immense motivation paired with style.

15 Stunning and Sexy Fashion Looks of Disha Patani - shorts sea

Disha’s liberal love for shorts and bras or bikini tops is seen in many posts she shared on social media.

These fashion looks of Disha Patani show you how she is a confident woman who does not shy away from being bold and sensual in her choice of clothes.

In particular, she takes pride in her body and fitness so she can look good in whatever she decides to wear or have a stylist choose for her for photo shoots.

We are sure that we shall see a lot more from Disha Patani and her sexy wardrobe in the future!

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

Images courtesy of Disha Patani Instagram, GQ India and Designer Brands

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