Shalwar Kameez and Trainers: The Desi Aunty’s Secret

Wearing the Desi combination, shalwar kameez and trainers, Asian women are inevitably trending amongst their kind. Is it being fashionable or comfortable?

Shalwar Kameez and Trainers

It is just as peculiar, as the longstanding ‘socks and flip-flops’ sight

Shalwar kameez and trainers, the classic Desi combination.

Have you ever wondered why Asian aunties frequently wear this questionable combo?

Are they purely creatures of habit, or, creators of a trend that transcends time and space?

DESIblitz explores, whether these running shoes, paired with shalwar kameez, are a fashion statement, or a necessity for comfort.

Jogging in the Park


If you happen to live in a Desi area, it is normal to see aunties rocking shalwar kameez and trainers, during their routine jog.

However, for those so blissfully unaware of this time-old South Asian tradition, it is just as peculiar as the longstanding ‘socks and flip-flops’ sight.

Illustratively, these athletic aunties are usually spotted in groups of three. Briskly jogging the parameters of the playing field. In an effort to become more fit and healthy.

Swinging their arms side to side, they are quite harmless if left undisturbed. As long as they don’t hear any giggles, or, remarks with regards to their debatable fashion choice.

Further, if they regrettably have had their fair share of samosas in their time. Then, their sheer effort and determination have to be commended, to actively change and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Hats off to these ladies for having a dedicated willpower and motivation.

However, it is fair to also acknowledge that, shalwar kameez and trainers, belonging in the same sentence, let alone the same outfit, is more than a little bizarre.

Some would argue that shalwar kameez and trainers, in no way, shape, or form, appear pleasing, or the least bit stylish.

But, why do our lovable Desi aunties continue to honour and uphold this rather comical convention?

Why do Asian Aunties wear Trainers?


Most importantly, trainers are comfortable.

But, do trainers have an age limit? Does gender play a role in wearing trainers?

Although these aunties may be inspiring. Yet, unfortunately, age cannot be ignored entirely.

Regardless, they wouldn’t care about what other people are thinking or saying about them. They just want to go about their daily chore in the most comfortable way possible.

The real question is, how many people are guilty of sacrificing comfort, for looking chic. All in the name of fashion?

Well, aunties aren’t particularly regarded as being the most fashion-conscious. Or are they? Do they think that, within the comfort of their trainers, they carry the glamour of the shoes?

Since trainers have gone upmarket, with an increasing price, and are becoming more accepted, is that the reason why they seem more appealing to aunties?

However, you can’t rid trainers of their sports associations. But, are the Asian women the game-changers in the shoe department? Giving trainers the Desi fashion connotations?

Nevertheless, the key here is confidence, and these aunties are clearly not lacking when it comes to that department.

Why pair the Trainers with Shalwar Kameez?


Shalwar kameez is the most traditional and typical South Asian dress.

Therefore, it ultimately boils down to its conventional customs and values.

Further, the waist size needn’t be a worry. Because, just a slight alteration of the ‘nara’ (the rope that holds the shalwar up), is the solution to any weight gain.

In comparison to the lycra crop tops and figure-hugging spandex leggings, that make up the modern-day gym gear. Shalwar kameez, is the self-declared Desi workout attire, concealing all the parts, which would much rather be kept hidden.

With attention to the designer shalwar kameez brands, what would the likes of Sana Safinaz or Maria B say? When they hear, their beautiful pieces are being worn with something so hideous, as a pair of bright white Lonsdale trainers?

On the other hand, it’s fuss-free.

Wearing shalwar kameez eliminates any potential behaviour, associated with outfit coordinations.

It is rather refreshing to see that there is a community, who views the worldly dress codes, as irrelevant. Not having to worry about whether the colour of the top compliments the bottom.

Furthermore, even when working out, many people feel the need to look good. The selected brand’s people wear play a huge role in their appearance.

For example, with the sports label Puma, sales have sky-rocketed, since the likes of Kylie Jenner and Rihanna have associated themselves with the brand.

As a result, it shows that people will buy whatever is considered to be the latest trend.

However, it’s fair to say that, one community, who won’t be falling victim to the vogue anytime soon, are the energetic Desi aunties. With their long-established fashion style, shalwar kameez and trainers, they continue to amuse us.

Yet, in the shalwar kameez and trainers style revolt, remains a powerful lesson, to appreciate, embrace, and encourage.

Shalwar Kameez and Trainers: An Inspiration?


Their efforts should be highly appreciated, for choosing a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, defying cultural norms, and breaking free from the dated, draconian mindset, that cooking and cleaning the house is ‘exercise’.

All in all, it’s extremely uplifting and liberating to see a group of women, who have confidently broken the pressure of the fashion rules, creating their own unconventional trends.

However, by no means, it is a message to say, pull out the converse shoes and kurtas!

But, certainly do not be afraid to express your individuality.

After all, fashion is not a fixed concept, that one-size-fits-all. There is no right or wrong. It is subjective and expressive of one’s unique perspectives and experiences.

So, be a leader as opposed to a follower.

You never know who you could be inspiring in shalwar kameez and trainers!

A fashion designer and visionary at heart; Sairah enjoys engaging in her passions – writing and designing. With a Masters in Journalism, her motto is: "Challenge yourself with something you think you could never do, and you can accomplish anything."

Images courtesy of bootsshoesandfashion, mulpix,i.bollywoodmantra, onemillionpoems and urbanritualz.

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