12 Best Shalwar Kameez Styles and Designs for Men

Desi men are buying shalwar kameez in every variety. The stylish man’s wardrobe would be incomplete without this diverse assortment of shalwar outfits.

12 Amazing Styles of Shalwar Kameez for Men

Gone are the days of men simply not caring about how they looked and what they wore

Gone are the days of men simply not caring about how they looked and what they wore. Today, the modern man has to look both sophisticated and chic.

Prominent designers are specifically targeting men with a diverse range of shalwar kameez to wear.

Over time fashion designers have evolved to go beyond creating simple shalwar kameez that men could wear days on end. Now men have the ability to mix and match in terms of colour and even wear waistcoats on top without looking out of place.

From the traditional shalwar kameez that has been passed down through generations vs the modern cuts and kurta style kameez that are becoming more and more popular today.

This collection of 12 shalwar kameez are purchases that every Desi man needs. The variety on display will cater for every kind of occasion.

From casual everyday looks to dapper and elegant ensembles for family weddings, the must-have collection is right here.

Dapper in Blue

There will always be a man looking to stand out from the crowd when a shalwar kameez is concerned.

Even with a little tweak in patterning, a well-designed kameez can go a really long way.

This navy blue creation features a round collar design with delicate embroidery down the front of the kameez.

The shalwar which is also plain can be paired with open toe sandals or even Peshawari style chappals.

Regal in Jamawar

Jamawar is trending among hipsters in 2018. The delicacy of the material has really been a hit.

This lovely modern-cut waistcoat can go with an uncomplicated designed or plain white shalwar kameez.

This outfit sees minimal embroidery on the sleeves of the all-white kameez.

It may be worth considering that a darker shade of shalwar kameez can be worn. That is only if you want to accentuate the waistcoat.

Vibrant Tones

Colours are often used to distinguish outfits.

Whilst women can pick from every possible variation from purple to green, men can be limited to black, blue and white at times. This design seems to break that mould.

After all, who says Desi men can’t wear pink?

Men who are looking for a bit more diversity in their style will always consider embroidery designs around the collar and buttons.

We particularly like how the threadwork around the buttons and sleeves, the pink is of a darker hue, offering a great contrast to the otherwise plain tone of the kameez.

If you are still unsure on how to accessorise with such a bright colour, opt for brown shoes and a smart wristwatch.

Iron Man

This iron coloured shalwar kameez is a great look for the Desi man who means business.

The dark tone adds a slimming effect, while the classic collar features maroon detailing that offers a great contrast to the grey.

You can complete the look with smart black shoes, slicked back hair and, of course, your favourite pair of sunglasses.

The White Look

With many British Asians having an affinity for Desi culture, donning ethnic style clothes can be something of a novelty.

The opportunity for the men to dress up in fashionable cultural attire is an opportunity that can ill-afford to be missed.

For those looking to keep it classic, the white shalwar is a perfect choice. Updated for the modern man, the kameez or kurta is slightly shorter, namely above the knee.

Rather than wearing a baggy shalwar, you can go for more tailored trousers.

This shalwar kameez is designed to enhance a big and strong physique.

Men with broad shoulders and barrel chests would look very good in this.

The Classic Look

This beautiful, yet simple all brown shalwar kameez looks amazing, as does the style.

The colour doesn’t necessitate one to wear it during the summer as the dark pigment will trap heat.

But that should not stop you from putting on your glad rags to wear to evening functions or a casual visit to a friend’s house.

This, of course, should not deter people from buying this variety in a lighter shade, for they will look equally wonderful during the day too.

Kameez for the Modern Day

This is an ideal outfit for the young and hip Desi looking to make a stylish statement with his ethnic wear.

The light grey kameez features a distinct white stripe diagonal design. It is also collarless which gives it a very western edge.

On top, you can update the look with a white long coat to match the white shalwar. And for more casual outings, opt for white sneakers to complete the look.

Royally Red

Going on a royal theme, here is a shalwar kameez design that really embodies the regal mentality.

Mixing black and red, the waistcoat is a traditional Nehru style jacket in deep maroon with statement buttons and a pocket square.

In comparison, the black shalwar kameez is kept plain. The two shades will certainly suit Desi skin tones.

Lighter Shades

This denim-blue kameez is a great light hued fabric that is perfect for warmer days.

The shalwar kameez, in general, is a popular choice around South Asia because of the loose-fit and airy fabric that make them highly comfortable to wear during hotter days.

This blue number will hug your physique loosely, allowing the body to stay fairly cool during the day. A matching shalwar and black shoes really complement the kameez overall.

It would be best to leave this shalwar kameez for casual affairs. Maybe even going out for long summer night walks.

The round collar also adds to the allure of the design.

It has been handmade but done with no complicated designs, as to not detract from the shalwar kameez as a whole.

The Desi Suit Look

We love the contrasting colours of this shalwar kameez that give the impression of wearing a suit instead of a shalwar kameez.

This shalwar kameez features a classic shirt button collar with block colours. The darker waistcoat blends well with the overall outfit.

The deep shade of the kameez will really make a man stand out on a crisp breezy day or for a special occasion.

It’s All in the Details

As far as shalwar kameez go, this is absolutely breathtaking. Featuring a silky lime green kameez, what really stands out is the delicate orange-coloured embroidery.

The embroidery stems all the way around the round band gala collar and on the tips of the sleeves.

For those looking to tone down the vibrancy of the green, contrast the kameez with a plain white shalwar.

Overall this royal green piece is a real head turner.

Due to the uniqueness of this design, it is advised that it only be worn on special occasions. Perhaps an anniversary.

The Embroidered Look

Finally, we have the archetypal all black covered shalwar kameez. You cannot go wrong with black.

This shalwar kameez can be worn casually, as much as it can be for special occasions.

The slit open collar and knee covered shalwar is in keeping with tradition with a modern twist when combined with the lovely embroidery designs and silver metalwork.

All of these shalwar kameez styles for men are a great fashion choice for even the timidest of wearers.

Everything required from sophisticated elegance to casual simplicity can be seen here.

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