The Elegant Jacket look with Sarees

Wear your Saree with a collared, embroidered, or velvet jacket. The gorgeous jacket look with Sarees gives a stylish twist to the iconic traditional attire.

The Elegant Jacket Look With Sarees

a Banarasi jacket will provide a luxurious look and feel

The jacket look with Sarees offers instantly structured glamour.

Defining the upper body, jackets are an elegant layering piece.

When paired with traditional Sarees, they create a glam crop vision. Either with the drape tucked inside or pinned on the outside.

With the blouse peeking through, jackets will surely add a modern edge and a fusion twist to your traditional attire.

Up the style game of your Saree with a sophisticated layer of long or short, trendy jackets.

Collared Neck Jackets

The elegant jacket look with sarees

Classy high neck designs are regal.

While the collared jacket is wholly sartorial elegance, some intricate embroidery across the neck edges will create a vision to behold.

Or, the collared neck can be given another dimension with a neck piece. Necklaces are the definition of style and elegance, heightening an entire look.

Another graceful pick, are collared jackets featuring button-up designs. They add a rather vintage touch. Just like the Victorian ruffled high collar style.

Try wearing it with the Saree pallu draped from around the back and twisted downwards.

Embroidered Jacket

The Elegant Jacket look with Sarees

Adding a dazzling jacket to a simple Saree will bring a certain bling to your appearance.

Be it thread work embroidery, embellished motifs, or beaded patterns, the plain Saree and detailed jacket combination is striking!.

While the Saree itself is unadorned, it will outstandingly show off the gorgeous jacket. And at the same time, complement the overall Saree attire.

Featuring embroidery, this collaboration will have the Saree standing out from its standard styles. Meanwhile, the fitted look, adds an allure of its own.

Velvet Jacket

The Elegant Jacket look with Sarees

Velvet, the fabric of the Mughal ladies.

This jacket look with Sarees will surely provide a royal feel and will keep you warm in winter.

Decorated with gold Tilla, Zari, or Resham work, the velvet touch is unique.

To wear it differently, add a golden zip to the jacket, which will make it look artistically refined.

Brocade Banarasi Jacket

The Elegant Jacket Look With Sarees

With a rich texture that speaks its own design language, Brocades and Banarasi’s are recognised for their traditional charm.

But, once teamed up with a basic silk or chiffon Saree, the result will express a beautiful vision of the modern South Asian woman who wants to celebrate her cultural heritage.

Available in an array of deep striking colours, a Banarasi jacket will provide a rather luxurious look and feel.

Full Sleeved Jacket

The Elegant Jacket look with Sarees

The fitted, long sleeved jacket look with Sarees expresses modesty.

With embellished cuffs, the ethnic glamour is further beautified.

Plus jackets with button down, shirt-style collars, look good with full sleeves.

Besides the jacket, it is the ability of the Saree to adapt multiple avatars. Possibly the reason why it still stands the test of time!

But remember, a good fit is the most important factor when choosing your jacket. And, make sure your blouse sits neatly underneath.

Finally, mix up your fabrics and textures carefully. A velvet jacket on a velvet Saree will give you a bulky look. Rather, when pairing with a jacket, always opt for a lighter Saree fabric. Such as chiffon, silk, or georgette.

So, give your ethnic ensemble a new flavour and try the gorgeous jacket look with Sarees.

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images courtesy of Vera Wang, New Woman India, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Indian Roots, Lakme, Rohit Bal, Anushka_Arora official Twitter, and Hansakhatwani.

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