Russian Woman accuses Indian Cop of Repeated Rape

A 38-year-old Russian woman has filed a complaint in which she has accused a police officer from Pune of repeatedly raping her.

Russian Woman accuses Indian Cop of Repeated Rape f

"He has been sexually exploiting me for the last 12 years."

A Russian woman who has been living in Mumbai filed a complaint against a police officer from Pune. She alleged that he repeatedly raped her.

The complaint was made on the night of Thursday, October 10, 2019.

The woman explained that the repeated rapes resulted in her becoming pregnant and that she now has a five-year-old son.

It was reported that the accused police officer is based in Pimpri-Chinchwad.

According to the woman, her ordeal has lasted over a decade, dating back to 2007, though she first met the policeman in 2004.

She said that the accused began to take advantage of her ever since they first met in 2004, but did not sexually abuse her.

The woman explained that she had asked for his help when she wanted to renew her visa.

Her lawyer Nitin Satpute confirmed that their first meeting happened in 2004 when the accused worked in Mumbai.

Mr Satpute said: “When she asked for help to renew her passport, the accused took her passport which he later claimed to have lost.

“He also helped her to extend her stay in India by providing her with fake essential documents including an aadhar card and passport.”

The Russian woman alleged that the cop first sexually assaulted her in 2007.

She claimed that he drugged her and later raped her while she was unconscious.

The victim also stated that he forcibly had sex with her after drugging her or as a means of blackmailing her. She said he has done it repeatedly over a period of 12 years.

The woman told officers: “He has been sexually exploiting me for the last 12 years. My passport is in his possession.

“He abducted me and even threatened to implicate me for the fake documents I held.

“He even threatened to kill me if I didn’t comply with his demands for sexual favours.”

Officers from Chembur Police Station registered a case based on the victim’s statements, however, due to the complex nature of the case, they need to verify her claims before investigating the accused.

Officers have said that they will need to prove that the suspect had drugged the victim as well as made threats towards her in order to sexually assault her.

Mumbai Police spokesperson DCP Pranay Ashok told the Mumbai Mirror:

“It is a very complicated case, with many incidents that took place over a 15-year period.

“All these claims need to be verified through a thorough investigation before speaking anything against the accused.

“We have already taken her complaint into consideration and it will be converted into an FIR soon.”

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