Is Aima Baig dating a 72-year-old Man?

During a podcast, Aima Baig discussed an incident with a 72-year-old man where he asked her out on a date.

Is Aima Baig dating a 72-year-old Man f


she had a funny encounter with a 72-year-old man

Aima Baig is a rising star in the Pakistani music industry, gaining widespread recognition for her melodious voice and diverse repertoire.

From her performances in Coke Studio to her contributions to film soundtracks, Aima has made a name for herself as a talented singer and musician.

Despite her success, Aima has faced her fair share of controversies over the years.

And during an appearance on Shahveer Jafry’s Honest Hour Podcast, she opened up about her life, sharing insights into her journey to fame and some of the challenges she has faced along the way.

During the conversation, Aima revealed that she began working at a call centre at the age of 16, selling cable connections to customers in the United States.

It was during this time that she had a funny encounter with a 72-year-old man who mistook her for an Ohio-based woman and asked her out on a date to his favourite restaurant, where they served pineapple pancakes.

Aima declined the offer but she was intrigued by the concept of pineapple pancakes, having never tried them before.

The conversation also delved into Aima’s struggles with her health, which had caused her to miss out on several work opportunities.

She disclosed that she had been offered a role opposite Shahveer Jafry in the film Barwaan Khiladi but had to decline due to her health condition.

The artist was suffering from arthritis, which had caused her foot to swell and left her in considerable pain.

She spent six months in a wheelchair, but she kept her condition a secret from most people.

Only producer Mahira Khan was aware of her situation, and Aima expressed her gratitude for Mahira’s understanding and support.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Aima’s perseverance and talent have allowed her to overcome adversity and continue to thrive in the music industry.

She received treatment for her arthritis from a doctor in New York City and is now doing well.

Despite showcasing her singing capabilities, Aima Baig has recently teased fans with the prospect of acting alongside Tere Bin star, Wahaj Ali.

In a recent Instagram Q&A session, a fan asked her:

“Is there a chance for you to do acting? We all want to see you in a drama.”

To which the star hinted at a possible collaboration with Wahaj Ali.

She replied: “I’ll have to ask Wahaj Ali for this.”

Wahaj Ali has yet to comment on this dream collaboration.

On the work front, Aima Baig and Sahir Ali Bagga have released their latest song ‘Washmallay’.

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