How much Indian Groceries cost in the United States?

A content creator went shopping for Indian groceries, showing how much some of the most basic items cost in the United States.

How much Indian Groceries cost in the United States f

"Omg it’s too much."

Have you ever wondered how much Indian groceries cost in the United States?

Well, digital content creator Gunjan Saini found out and the amount may be a surprise.

Gunjan, who goes by the name Goofwoman on Instagram, found out how much basic items like a broom and a packet of Maggi costs in America.

In the caption, she wrote: “Another – How Much did We Spend Video! Come let’s shop for Indian Groceries in America!”

The video featured Utah-based Gunjan shopping for Indian groceries that are not considered to be costly in India.

She begins by visiting an Indian supermarket and purchasing a ‘jhadu’, which is a traditional Indian broom.

Gunjan explains that a jhadu is “a must” because she believes regular brooms in America are not the best when it comes to cleaning.

It is revealed that she paid $5.99.

She goes on to buy paneer for $4.99 and curry leaves that cost $1 per bag.

In the video, Gunjan explains that curry leaves are hard to find in the United States, telling viewers that they have to go to an Indian supermarket to get them.

For spices, Gunjan pays $4.99 for a bag of garam masala while sambar masala costs $1.99.

Gunjan also buys a box of dhokla mix, saying:

“One of my friends made it at home and I want to try it.”

She then goes over to a box containing 30 pani puris, which cost $7.99. Gunjan explains that there is a buy two get one free deal so she bought three boxes.

Stating that there are lots of tea brands, Gunjan buys a box of loose tea for $5.99.

However, she admits that when she makes Desi chai, it does not taste right compared to when she makes it in India. But she does not know whether the tea or milk is to blame.

Gunjan’s shopping trip continues with her buying Maggi but she says that it is such a staple in her household, money does not matter.

Her shopping list is completed with a pack of bakar khani, which is puff pastry.

It is revealed that her shopping comes to a total of $86, which is approximately Rs. 6,500.


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Since being shared on Instagram, there have been a variety of reactions.

Some were shocked at the price, with one writing:

“Omg it’s too much.”

Another said it is much more expensive in European countries.

“Come to Europe. You’ll run away after looking at the prices.”

One user said the prices depend on where you live.

“Yeah but it depends which state you are living in. In Texas everything is expensive.”

Others said the price was no big deal, given that Gunjan is earning in dollars.

One said: “But we earn in dollars here so spend in dollars too and those stuff import from India shipping charges included. Comparison not worth it.”

Another wrote: “But you are also earning in dollars it’s not a big deal.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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