7 Best Video Tutorials to Learn Bhangra

Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a beginner, these video tutorials will help you learn Bhangra and turn you into a dancing master!

7 Best Video Tutorials to Learn Bhangra

"I just rocked the dance floor after learning this"

Want to learn Bhangra but don’t know where to start? Ready to add some spice and energy to your dancing?

Look no further than these brilliant video tutorials that will guide you through the vibrant and energetic moves of the traditional dance form originating from Punjab, India.

Bhangra has gained immense popularity around the world and is a vital part of weddings, parties, and celebrations.

With the rise of digital media and online learning, there are numerous video tutorials available that can help enthusiasts learn Bhangra steps and routines.

Here, we will take a look at some of the best video lessons available to help novices to experts.

Gulf News


Hardeep Singh, the leader of the dancing group Pure Bhangra put together a segment for Gulf News in 2019 to help viewers learn Bhangra.

With two backup dancers, Singh guides you through simple movements and explains how to easily execute them at home.

What’s great about this tutorial is that it shows you a variety of steps in a short amount of time. As Jessica Smith noted on YouTube:

“You’re such a great teacher.”

“I usually find it difficult to get into a video teaching, but yours was perfect. Thank you!”

As you pick up on each move and learn how to master it, it then all collates together at the end when Singh shows each step thrown together.

It’s only then you realise you’ve learned a whole choreography in a matter of minutes.



Amreen Gill is the fantastic dancer behind the BHANGRAlicious YouTube.

With over 515,000 subscribers, she devotes her time to sharing her love for the dance form and teaching her viewers some of the moves.

In her tutorial, she highlights three beginner steps which are the Dhamaal, Bedi and Punjab – the foundations of a good Bhangra performance.

Gill breaks down each section into upper and lower body movements so it’s easy to follow along and practice as the video plays.

What people may find very useful with this video is how Gill shows all angles of the choreography so people have a 360 view of how their bodies should be when dancing.

She even goes into immense detail about where your shoulders should be and how far to bend your knees.

With over 3.5 million views, there’s no doubt that this is one video that ticks all the boxes.

And, it’s part of a Bhangra series where she also teaches the top three jhoomer steps and the best two-step combo.



With over 1.9 million YouTube subscribers, BFunk are one of the largest Desi dance companies in the world.

The lead duo of Shivani Bhagwan and Chaya Kumar have been catalysts for bringing Bhangra and South Asian dance to modern generations.

In their video tutorial, the pair focus on the fundamentals and footwork of Bhangra, again looking at the Bedi, Dhamaal and Punjab.

This is the first video in their step-by-step Bhangra programme which is designed for people with zero experience in this form.

But, “experienced” dancers can also challenge or tune up their moves.

The series comes with 15 lessons where viewers can learn all the basic techniques as well as Bhangra vocabulary so they understand each aspect of this genre.

Illustrating the usefulness of BFunk’s video, Urvesh Patel explained on YouTube:

“I love your videos and both of your passion for Bhangra.”

“I am inspired to want to dance as well as you ladies but I’m a beginner and have never danced before.

“I’m so glad I found you ladies and am so excited to learn Bhangra dance skills from you.”

BFunk have managed to put together a seamless way to help people get to grips with the grooves and intricacies of Bhangra.

They can learn the basics or stick with the programme to become a master of the craft.

The Dance Mafia


For those wanting a bit of difference to their routines, then Dance Mafia is the way to go.

Whilst they also explain some basic steps to get into the swing of things, they also show some groovy movements you can do with your hands to execute a better performance.

An added Desi touch is the tutorial is given in Punjabi, so it’s perfect for those across India, as well as Punjabi-speaking people in the UK.

But, even if one doesn’t speak Punjabi, then it’s still easy enough to follow along with the steps and let the dancing do the talking.

With over 3 million views, this is one of the best videos to learn Bhangra.

Manpreet Toor


Manpreet Toor is a singer, dancer and choreographer who has over 1.3 million YouTube subscribers.

In this video, she analyses each move and the way your body should manipulate itself to dance successfully.

She also demonstrates how some of the routines can be performed in a masculine and feminine way – making it perfect for all audiences.

Even though Toor highlights the Bhangra moves with great detail, she doesn’t overwhelm you with information, making it very easy to follow along.

One fan, Aditya Singh, expressed how helpful this video is:

“Man, I just rocked the dance floor after learning this.

“And I was a complete non-dancer. Can’t tell you how happy I am.”

In just 17 minutes, you can learn all the moves to impress at a party! And, if that wasn’t enough, Toor has her very own dance academy for you to learn even more skills.

The Bhangra Lovers Academy


For a stripped-back tutorial that focuses on nothing but dance and everything Bhangra encompasses, look no further than this video by The Bhangra Lovers Academy.

Coach Harshpreet Singh leads kids, women and men through a joyous performance where he sets the highest level.

The aim of this tutorial is for viewers to look at the steps and do their best to mimic those in the video.

However, do not fret as Singh performs each move slowly, making sure his students can keep up and those watching at home.

Adil Chaudhary, a person who used the video to learn Bhangra emphasised why this video is the one to follow:

“The best Bhangra video for the public. The most enjoyable dance style on this planet where Harshpreet utilises traditional and contemporary styles.”

The addition of the dhol playing as the people dance tops the video off perfectly, and you cannot help but want to get up and dance.

Learn Bhangra


In a 14-lesson series, Learn Bhangra compile and explain each level of the dance form to help people gauge their inner performers.

In their first lesson, they break down the Single Dhamaal move and go on to focus on other elements of Bhangra in the videos following.

What’s an added touch of finesse from this group is they highlight the dance instructions in words in their YouTube descriptions and also what muscles are used.

For example, in this first video, they illustrate that the gastrocnemius, quadriceps, hip flexors, deltoids, traps, pectoralis (Minor), and biceps will be working.

This is because Bhangra is a workout in itself and many people use it as a form of cardio.

So, it’s almost killing two birds with one stone – get fitter and become a better dancer at the same time.

Dancing to ‘Khushian Da Dhol’ by Bikram Singh, this video is a perfect introduction to the world of Bhangra. Juanita Rasiah Choreography reiterated this with her YouTube comment:

“This is an amazing tutorial!”

“You break it down so well and I love how you explain the right muscles to engage. Awesome and I loved it.”

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced dancer wanting to hone your skills, the videos mentioned can be a valuable resource.

These tutorials offer clear instructions, demonstrations, and tips to help you master the different Bhangra steps and routines.

With a little practice and dedication, you can soon be dancing like a pro and enjoying the infectious rhythms of Bhangra music.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on some music, grab your dancing shoes, and get ready to learn Bhangra!

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Videos courtesy of YouTube.

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