Aima Baig gets Candid about her Mental Health Battle

Aima Baig candidly spoke about her mental health struggles and how she has battled it. She also opened up about having arthritis.

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"It all happened during a stupid scandal"

Aima Baig has bravely spoken about her mental health struggles.

The singer appeared on Gup Shup with Rabia Mughni and admitted that at one point, she had attempted to take her own life.

Shedding light on her battle, Aima said:

“I tried committing suicide, I did not want to live.

“Because of the kind of person I am, I am a very sensitive soft-hearted person.

“It all happened during a stupid scandal that nobody knew fully about.

“It wasn’t just me who was receiving all the comments and hate.

“It was my brother, my dad and my sisters. They were just pampering me.

“They wouldn’t even tell me and I would take one look into their eyes and I could tell that they were also suffering. My friends were suffering too.”

Aima also recalled her journey to Umrah and admitted that it acted as a healing process during the days when she would lock herself in her room and avoid being in big social circles.

Aima Baig also spoke about being diagnosed with arthritis and the stigma surrounding women and their health battles.

She told Rabia that she was humiliated during a public appearance and that individuals made comments about one of her fingers that she is unable to keep straight.

“There’s this finger that I can’t straighten out, I never paid attention to it. In the comments under my pictures, people ask where the other half of my finger is and why I keep it folded.

“It’s not me, it is because of arthritis.

“So, if someone thinks they have arthritis, please go to a doctor right away, because eventually with age, it’s going to get worse.

“My family and friends keep consoling me and telling me it’s nothing.”

“But I was not born like this. When you’re born with something you’re used to it. But this is something that happened over time.”

Aima Baig received supportive messages from her fans and many admired her strength and resilience.

One user said: “Love her personality, hats off to her for everything. Stay strong girl!”

Another commented: “Can I just say that Aima is so honest, I mean it was refreshing to see this.

“She’s a new addition to one of the very few popular faces who speaks openly and honestly.”

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