Aima Baig claims Nehaal Naseem copied her from ‘Head to Toe’

Aima Baig recently did a podcast where she claimed that Nehaal Naseem had copied her style from “head to toe”.

Aima Baig claims Nehaal Naseem copied her from 'Head to Toe' f

"I inspired someone so much that they pretended to be me.”

Recently, Aima Baig appeared on a podcast in which she was asked to name overrated and underrated Pakistani music artists.

She then spoke about the emerging singer Nehaal Naseem, claiming she has copied her from “head to toe”.

Aima had expressed her belief that Pakistani female artists are not overrated but rather underrated.

When asked to provide names, Aima Baig responded:

“Fabiha, Nirmala, and others, whose names are not even known by many.

“However, there’s one girl, her name is Nehaal. I recall how she started, and now she sounds exactly like me.”

Continuing her remarks, she added: “She impersonated me.

“If I had to share one of my proudest moments, it’s when I realised I achieved this because she copied everything from me, like totally, from head to toe.

When asked if it was a compliment, she said: “It’s an achievement for me that I inspired someone so much that they pretended to be me.”

However, Aima’s comments have ignited discussions within the industry, giving rise to debates on the topics of originality and artistic integrity.

One user wrote: “Sadqay is greater than Aima’s entire career.”

Another said: “She is just jealous that Nehaal is much better than her and is turning out more successful than she will ever be.”

One asked: “But she never really copied her?”

Another queried: “Has she forgotten the fact that she stole Ariana Grande’s whole personality?”

A user criticised: “A grown woman trying to degrade an 18-year-old girl.”

Another stated: “Her words spew jealousy.”

One commented:

“The fact that Nehaal sings way better than Aima is everything.”

It is pertinent to note that Nehaal Naseem, an 18-year-old artist, is currently garnering widespread acclaim for her viral song ‘Sadqay’.

It features the collaborative efforts of the Wajahat brothers, Aashir and Nayel.

Nehaal Naseem embarked on her musical journey in 2016. She gained significant attention at the tender age of 11 when her cover went viral.

Since then, she has made notable strides in the music industry. Notably, her debut track, ‘Beqadra’, released in 2023, showcased her evolving talent.

Furthermore, her rendition of ‘Ijazat’ has also made waves in the music scene.

Beyond her releases, Nehaal Naseem has contributed to several Original Soundtracks (OSTs) for Pakistani dramas and web series.

With a versatile and dynamic genre, she stands as an emerging artist with promising potential.

Nehaal Naseem continues to captivate audiences with her melodies and other multifaceted musical contributions.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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