Madhura Naik reveals Cousin was ‘Murdered in Cold Blood’ in Israel

Naagin actress Madhura Naik revealed that her cousin was “murdered in cold blood” during the Israel attack.

Madhura Naik reveals Cousin was 'Murdered in Cold Blood' in Israel f

"My cousin Odaya was murdered in cold blood"

Madhura Naik took to Instagram and revealed that her cousin Odaya and her husband were killed in Israel.

In a video, the Naagin actress said her relatives were murdered in front of their children during Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.

She clarified that she does not “support violence of any kind” from either side, but defended Israel’s right to self-defence.

Madhura said: “I, Madhura Naik, am a Jew of Indian origin.

“We are now only 3,000 in strength here in India. Day before, on October 7, we lost a daughter and a son from our family.

“My cousin Odaya was murdered in cold blood, along with her husband, in the presence of their two children.

“The grief and emotions that I and my family face today cannot be spoken in words.

“As of today, Israel is in pain. Her children, her women and her streets are burning in flames in the wrath of Hamas. The women, children, the old and the weak are being targeted.”

Madhura also revealed that she was targeted over her Jewish heritage.

She continued: “Yesterday, I posted a picture of my sister and her family for the world to see our pain and I was shocked to see how deep pro-Palestinian Arab propaganda runs.

“I was shamed, humiliated and targeted for being Jewish.

“Today I want to voice my feelings and tell my followers, friends and people, who I love, and people who have supported me and shown me nothing but love and appreciation for all these years and for all the work that I have done.

“And also to the people, who do not know me, this pro-Palestinian Arab propaganda that Israel is a cold-blooded killer is not true.

“Self-defence is not terrorism. I just want to be very clear that I do not support violence of any kind or suppression from either sides.”


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Revealing that 300 family members are stuck in Israel, Madhura Naik said:

“My family informed me about them missing, and only after 24 hours were their bodies identified.

“Their children in the car along with them, were taken back by the officers on duty.”

“The situation unfortunately has always been like this in Israel, we have always faced a lot of such situations.

“My family is worried about how things are going to escalate. I felt it is necessary to talk about it in my social media post.

“I cannot reveal where I am right now, due to security reasons, neither can I tell you which members are stuck in Israel.

“I have just been getting a lot of communal hate after my post, and it is shocking that people are failing to empathise with innocent lives.

“They fail to understand that it is the innocent civilians who die. This is a terror attack, same like what happened in Mumbai, 26/11,”

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