New Beginnings and Cold Wars in Desi Rascals 2

In the sixth episode of Desi Rascals 2, Yas is on the hunt for Rishtas. Jo films a Bollywood audition tape. Will Anj make up with Jason? DESIblitz had the latest.

Desi Rascals Anj Baig Jason Lowe Wajma Lydia Easton

“He’s not the perfect guy for me.”

The sixth episode of Desi Rascals 2 sees some cast members embarking on new beginnings.

However some of the other London Desis are locked in continual feuds.

Jo is chasing her dream move to Mumbai. And the Baigs are reopening Pure Muscles Gym.

Yasmin is searching for Mr Right to begin a new life as a married woman.

But there’s unresolved tension lingering between Anj and Jason.

Uncle Nuss reopens Pure Muscles Gym

Desi Rascals Uncle Nuss Anj Baig Wajma Pure Muscles Gym Opening PMG

Anj, Wajma, and Moses are enjoying the rush of rainbow-coloured cereals, as they get pumped up for the re-opening of Pure Muscles Gym.

For the auspicious ceremony, with everyone in attendance, Uncle Nuss has rightfully been given the honour of cutting the ribbon.

Anj gives another masterful yet sentimental speech. He says: “I want to give a massive thank you to Uncle Nuss. He’s always been there for me.”

He adds: “It’s the little things that count, it makes you appreciate your family and friends, so it’s moments like these we cherish the most.”

Jo’s Bollywood audition disrupted by Jasmin?

Desi Rascals Jo Shah Jasmin Walia Rita Siddiqui Shreena Vara Bollywood audition

Jo is filming an audition tape to get into a Bollywood acting school.

She has gathered together Shreena, Rita, and Jasmin to help her.

But before they are about to film, Jasmin starts getting emotional. She feels like she has made the wrong decision to not follow Jo to India.

Jo admits to Rita and Shreena that Jasmin’s outburst spoiled her focus. (You can read about this incident in more depth here).

The Shah family are incredibly proud of Jo. After watching the footage, Manoj tearfully tells Jo that he is so happy that she is ‘embracing our culture for a change’.

Yasmin’s second rishta date

Desi Rascals Yasmin Karimi rishta

Whether it is to get married, or get back at Adam, or both, she is still searching for a rishta.

After a complete non-starter last time, Zane has set Yasmin up with cricketer Junaid.

In this formal setting, Zane sits in between them like a referee or a tennis umpire.

Yasmin awkwardly starts the conversation with: “Which part of Pakistan are you from?” Really?!

Junaid seems to be a good guy who aspires to set up a cricketing academy to help the youth and less fortunate.

But in the interview setting (grilling session), it’s hard to tell if she likes him or not.

Anj and Jason make up

Desi Rascals Anj Baig Jason Lowe Wajma Lydia Easton

At the cereal café, Mo encourages Anj to sort out the tension with Jason ‘because you are the best at doing that’.

With the PMG party in full flow, Jason rocks up in his black Range Rover.

His girlfriend Lydia in the passenger seat gives sound advice. She urges him to ‘make the first move’ because ‘it takes a big man to do that’.

It’s awkward at first. But they talk it out. And eventually Anj breaks the ice when he says: “Listen we’re brothers man.” Awwww.

Owais joins the pair. They all have a laugh together about the ‘raari’, and share bromantic compliments. Happy Days!

Retail Therapy with a male twist

Desi Rascals Adam Michaelidies Ferrari

Adam, Solomon, and new buddy Shmoyel, are in a showroom to check out some fast brand-spanking-new supercars.

Adam eyes one up and says: “This right here is for me. Look at the curves on that.

“I think there’s nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer yourself up.”

Shmoyel asks: “Isn’t that what girls do.”

Solly replies: “Girls get heels and dresses. They don’t go supercar-shopping.”

Adam wins the line of the episode award with: “They say money can’t buy you happiness, but I’d rather cry in a Raari, habibi!”

Mo and Jo moving in opposite directions

Desi Rascals Moses Mo Baig Jo Shah MoJo

Mo and new girl-best-friend Farha have been providing the pumping beats at the PMG re-launch party.

Jo approaches to speak to Mo. In a very un-Desi Rascals-like moment, there is hardly any awkwardness.

All three deal with the situation like mature adults, as Farha leaves the old buds to catch up.

Talking about Jo’s move to Mumbai, Moses says: “I have mixed emotions about that.

“Of course I want you to chase your dreams and go far within your career.

“But it’s not like your down the road from me anymore.”

It’s great to see them enjoying time as friends, and they still manage to have a good giggle.

Yas extends olive branch, Adam rejects

Desi Rascals Adam Michaelidies Yasmin Karimi

The Facebook relationship status for Yasmin and Adam is ‘It’s complicated’.

Nevertheless, encouraged by best friend Kavita, Yasmin decides to call Adam to make up.

But Adam is on a date with Kazz. And he refuses to answer. But Kazz is no mug. She asks: “Ex-girlfriend?”

Adam’s answer could not be any less awkward: “No. Ex-friend.” Lol!

Kavita consoles Yasmin, saying: “Just let it lie. Even if he was the perfect guy for you…”

Yasmin cuts her off: “He’s not the perfect guy for me.”

When will Adam just put a ring on her finger?!

Next time on Desi Rascals, Jasmin sends a photo message to Ross, which leaves him very unhappy.

Speaking to Shmoyel and Jason, Moses says: “I don’t see myself with any other girl but Jo.”

And Jo receives a call about her audition. But what is the verdict?

You can find out in the seventh episode of Desi Rascals 2 on Wednesday 2nd September 2015 at 8pm on Sky1.

Harvey is a Rock ‘N’ Roll Singh and sports geek who enjoys cooking and travelling. This crazy guy loves to do impressions of different accents. His motto is: “Life is precious, so embrace every moment!”

Images courtesy of Sky 1 and Buccaneer Media

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