Desi Rascals and Love by Shreena and Praks

The newly-weds from Desi Rascals Series 1, Shreena and Praks, appear to be a match made in heaven. In an exclusive Gupshup with DESIblitz, they tell us about love, in-laws, and moving house.

Desi Rascals Shreena Praks Love

"'Please can you date Prakash? He’s so desperate for a girlfriend now!'"

The British Asian reality TV extravaganza, Desi Rascals, began with the auspicious occasion of ‘Shreena weds Praks’.

While Shreena has had to adjust to living with her in-laws, her and Praks seem very much in the honeymoon stage of their marriage.

How has the romance blossomed between the two love birds? And what can we expect to see in the second series?

DESIblitz speaks to Shreena and Praks to find out more.

How did you both meet?

Desi Rascals Shreena Praks LovePraks: “Shreena started working with the wife of my friend. I used to go and visit friends up in Birmingham Uni. They always used to say you should meet this girl. But we never actually crossed paths.

“Then we went on a night out…I got off the train at Green Park station. I walked up to her and said, ‘You must be Shaareena.’ To which she straight up replied, ‘At least get my name right, yeah!’”

Shreena: “When me and Tash started working together, she said, ‘Please can you date Prakash? He’s so desperate for a girlfriend now!’ I did her a favour!”

Praks: “It wasn’t really a great start. I was very persistent. We got chatting. A few weeks later, we went on a date…”

Shreena: “We’ve been together ever since.”

Shreena, how did you know that Praks was the one?

Shreena: “It’s a really sappy answer. The Hounslow rude boy thing was not ever my thing.

Desi Rascals Shreena Praks Love“Then when I saw him at the platform, I was caught a little bit off guard. ‘Oh my God, this boy has nice eyes, and he looks quite nice and he’s turned out quite well.’ So I went into automatic Croydon Cow mode.”

Praks: “I knew when I saw Shreena that day that I had to stick with this. But she just didn’t make it very easy.”

Shreena, how have you found living in the Vara household?

Shreena: “It’s not every daughter-in-law’s typical experience. We got married, went off on our honeymoon, came back, and stepped straight into the show really.

“So in terms of transitioning, it wasn’t the most normal atmosphere to be in.

“At times it’s been quite difficult because you miss home, and you get homesick. At times it’s completely fine. And ultimately, you only do it because you love your husband.

“It’s been fine.”

Praks, do you think Sunjay was jealous about losing you to Shreena?

Desi Rascals Shreena Praks Love SunjayPraks: “We’ve always grown up just me and my brother in the house. To have another girl come in, he was a bit apprehensive.

“But I think Sanj started appreciating the small changes. Like we’ve now got cushions, we’ve got candles…”

Shreena: “We have a functioning kitchen, a bath mat, a hand towel, a hand wash, toothpaste.

“I think with the boys, there’s no boundaries. They’re boys, right? So they just march in on each other. And talk through TV programs. And that is quite hard to adjust to.”

What did you make of Jay’s and Anita’s reactions, when you said you were moving out?

Praks: “I think my Dad felt really proud that I was stepping up and trying to grow up and settle down.

“I was a bit more shocked at my mum’s reaction. I think my Mum did sound a bit harsh. But I don’t think she meant it like that.”

Desi Rascals Shreena Praks Love Anita JayShreena: “[She meant] you’re not coming back. If you leave, that’s that. She’d never do it, she’d always take him back.

“But the idea is that if you’re gonna stand up and grow up and move out, that’s it, you flee the nest.

“That’s how it was meant.”

Will you be moving to South London?

Shreena: “That idea’s been shot, maybe until I have children, and maybe a little bit more bargaining power. I’ve gone for the long game. [Laughs all around].”

Praks: “We’ve been looking at a lot of places. I think we are going to stay around the West London area. I’ve kind of put my foot down on that one.”

Shreena: “People have a misconception of my opinions of Hounslow. I quite like it.

“Hopefully we’ll have some good news in the near future.”

Are you looking forward to having Charlotte as a sister-in-law?

Desi Rascals Shreena Praks Love Anita Jay Sunjay CharlotteShreena: “Yeah, Charlotte’s a lovely girl and we’re looking forward to having her in our family. It’ll be nice to have another female amongst the troops.”

Praks: “I’m looking forward to it as well, because I feel that Charlotte brings out the best in my brother.

“Years and years ago, he was married before, and he went through a hard time. Now he’s found a good one. He’s a lot happier.”

What annoys you most about each other?

Desi Rascals Shreena Praks LovePraks: “Where shall I start? Nah, I’m joking. I think we are still in the honeymoon period.

“She does moan quite a lot. But I think she just does it out of love. I just keep telling myself that.”

Shreena: “Is that all you can dig out? Cos my list is gonna seem really long now.

“Clothes come off and they just stay on the floor. Plates don’t get picked up from the table. Silence when Top Gear’s on. Bloody hate Sundays.

“Always, such a passenger driver. ‘Don’t bend the clutch! That’s not how you change your gears!’”

See how the next stage of the Shreena-Praks story develops in Desi Rascals Series 2, which begins on Wednesday 22nd July 2015 at 8pm on Sky 1.

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Images courtesy of Sky Living and the Twitter accounts of Shreena and Praks Vara