Love is in the Air for the Desi Rascals

As Cupid strikes in the fifth episode of Desi Rascals, which of the single West London Desis are falling for their sweethearts?

Desi Rascals Mo Baig Jo Shah

“So when are we getting married, Jo?”

The fifth episode of Desi Rascals saw some of the budding romances finally blossom into full-blown Desi style courtship.

There was a time when Manoj Shah was concerned that his beautiful daughters would forever remain single, but the Shahdashians are back in the dating game, and all seems to be going well.

Has Nat chosen the right Ravalia twin, and how are Mo and Jo faring in their journey to discovering their MoJo?

What are their ‘Prospects’?

Manoj and Celia ShahThe Shahdashians share yet another cute Shahdashian family moment. Celia asks Nat about Raj: “How come you preferred him to other twin?”

Nat doesn’t really know. Celia, who we have come to count on for sensible advice, suggests: “Try both of them.”

When the topic turns to Jo and her love interest Moses, Manoj says: “I’d like him to come and ask me to take you out.” What year are we in, Papa Prospects?

Later, Manoj shares his concerns about Mo with Celia: “Ideally I want her to marry someone who’s a bit more professional. A dentist or a lawyer.”

Celia responds: “It’s only a date, Manoj…You know love is blind, don’t you? What were your ‘prospects’?”

Owais and Rita Flirt with Friendship?

Owais Khan Rita SiddiquiAs the ‘purely platonic’ friendship continues during their gym sessions, it is clear that Owais is determined to do all he can to impress Rita.

Owais suggests that he should ‘take some measurements’. Rita hits back with: “Your boobs are bigger than mine.”

To which the quick-witted Owais replies: “And firmer by the looks of things.”

All the while, Anj, Mo, and Shmoyel offer their customary play-by-play commentary.

Owais invites Rita for a coffee to discuss her training. Rita is happy to oblige: “I’m really glad that we can just be friends now.” Ouch!

When Rita heads for the showers, Anj gives his true words of wisdom: “Me personally, I think she likes you.”

Owais confidently replies: “Me personally, I know she likes me.” He does not sound like a man wallowing in the friend-zone!

Gym! Trim! Shave! Rave!

Desi Rascals Moses Baig waxFor his big date with Jo, Mo takes a trip to Amita’s beauty parlour to get his hairy chest waxed.

As Mo screams in pain, Anj and Shmoyel cry with laughter. They then burst out into a chant: “GYM! TRIM! SHAVE! RAVE!”

Afterwards, Mo feeling his newly waxed chest says: “It feels like a woman. I don’t think I need a girlfriend now.” Turns out Jo may have some competition after all!

Cute Date at the Farm

Natalie Shah Raj Ravalia Desi RascalsRish drops off Raj for his date with Nat. As they share a pre-date pep-talk in the car, it is difficult not to notice how they look like the most identical identical twins ever.

Raj has decided to have their first date at the farm, to talk to the animals and feed the llamas.

As the adorable pair feed the sheep, Raj encourages Nat to go in for a kiss, but she is hesitant. As Raj leans in, the sheep moves away. Nat says: “You got Owais-ed!”

Raj asks out Nat for another date. She shares that this is new for her after coming out of a five-year-long relationship, but she wants to give this a try. Come on, Nat!

The Honeymoon is Not Over yet!

Praks Shreena Vara Desi RascalsShreena and Praks decide it’s time to have a long overdue date-night. Shreena lays down the law and says there must definitely be prosecco.

Praks’ idea is of a romantic date is to teach Shreena how to ride a bike. Like an episode of Pimp My Ride, he takes a bike to Sunjay, who plays the role of X-zibit (or Tim Westwood).

Shreena is reluctant first as it is so cold: “I don’t feel like it.” But like the trooper that she is, she picks it up really quickly.

Praks brings out the champagne glasses and cracks open a bottle of bubbly. Shreena says:

“There’s a reason I married you. Give me a kiss before I burp.”

Superheroes Rescue each Others’ Hearts

Mo Baig Jo Shah Desi RascalsDespite earlier confrontations with Arshina and Jyoti over her role in their dance troupe, Jo is determined to enjoy her date with Mo.

Both are dressed as superheroes for their date to the arcade. Mo greets Jo with flowers and a small loveheart balloon, and Jo presents a jar of Nutella with ‘Moses’ written on it.

That must be the best answer ever to: “Will you be the Nutella to my waffle?”

Even with the cornball lines running ever so smoothly off of Mo’s tongue, their arcade date is all smiles and laughter. Mo bares his waxed torso as Jo giggles: “You’re such a nutcase.”

Mo asks out Jo for Valentines and she agrees. But Mo still feels the urge to ask: “So when are we getting married, Jo?”

Struggling to contain her laughter, Jo replies: “You’re such a tit.”

When will you get Married, Owais?

Owais Ansa Khan Desi RascalsIn the gym, Anj drops the lad banter act and asks Owais whether he has thought about marriage.

Owais says: “Being an Asian guy, you’re parents think if you don’t get married by 30, you’re going to explode.”

Towards the end of the episode, Owais’ mother, Mrs Ansa Khan, makes her debut.

On the same wavelength with her son, she is clearly not very fond of Yasmin: “She was using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.”

But then she mentions one of Owais’ old flames – ‘the one that got away’.

And then Mrs Khan, like a true Desi mum suggests: “Would you consider an arranged marriage?”

With Valentine’s Day looming, what will happen in the next episode of Desi Rascals? You can find out on Friday 7th February 2015, at 8pm on Sky Living.

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