7 Marriage Tips by Desi Rascals Shreena & Praks

Love birds Shreena and Praks enjoyed a spectacular wedding in the first ever episode of Desi Rascals, They speak exclusively to DESIblitz about their 7 Tips for a Happy Marriage.

Desi Rascals Shreena Praks Marriage Wedding

"Coming home to each other everyday is my favourite thing."

Imagine. You have married the partner of your dreams. Your wedding is a spectacular affair.

And to cap it off, you fly to an exotic island for a blissful honeymoon.

But then what next? Once the oxytocin starts to wear off, how do you maintain a happy marriage?

In an exclusive Gupshup with DESIblitz, Desi Rascals stars Shreena and Praks give us their 7 tips on how to be a happily married couple.

Desi Rascals Shreena Praks Marriage Wedding

1. Come Home to Someone You Really Love

Shreena: “Going to sleep together everyday. Because we never lived together before we got married.

“That’s the biggest thing. Coming home to each other everyday is my favourite thing.”

Praks: “Coming home and knowing that Shreena is going to be at home is brilliant.

“It sounds very cheesy saying this stuff. But once we got married, we felt a bit more complete.”

Shreena: “Since we’ve been married, we have bonded ourselves together a bit more, and we’ve got each others’ backs.

“You’ve got to be able to fight in each others’ corners. I think I’ve learnt not to put Praks in positions, and he’s learned to pipe up when he needs to. That’s important to a strong marriage.”

Desi Rascals Shreena Praks Marriage Wedding

2. Grow Up

Shreena: “It is hard sometimes because naturally couples argue, and you get on each other’s nerves. But you can’t lose it when you’ve living with your in-laws.

“I think the struggle of getting married is that you both have to grow up. I think that is the biggest lesson that we both learned. We’re actually not kids.”

Praks: “That’s why I’m looking forward to being the man of my own house. It’s just the start of another adventure. So I’m really excited about that.”

3. Have Open Communication

Praks: “Before I was only really responsible for myself, and I suppose before we got together, Shreena was only responsible for herself.

“The fact that we’re now responsible for each other, I don’t think we’d be able to do it without the communication that we have.

“The little compromises we make here and there make each others’ lives that much better.”

Shreena: “Yes definitely. What we do is, we compromise. ‘Yunno, you can have that one. That’s fine’.”

Desi Rascals Shreena Praks Marriage Wedding

4. Don’t Let Things Bubble Underneath the Surface

Shreena: “Also I think, when you’re annoyed, just letting it out as well. You don’t have to constantly let things bubble under the surface. You’ll go mental!

“If things are making you unhappy, you have to talk about it and work it out. Praks will always tell me when I’m being out of order. And I’ll always tell him if he’s missing the point.

“In any walk of life communication is key. But for your relationship to work you have to be 100 per cent open and honest.”

5. Never Go To Sleep on a Bad Note

Shreena: “Even when we have little tiffs here and there, we always make a point of we’ll never fall asleep on a bad note. It’s like a little rule that we have.

“Life’s too short. No arguments should be so big that we can’t fix it before we go to sleep. There’s nothing worse than going to sleep in a mood.”

Desi Rascals Shreena Praks Marriage Wedding

6. Grow Together

Shreena: “If you don’t grow together, you’ll end up growing apart. I think that’s where things fall to pieces some times.

“And we’ve got loads of years ahead of us. But we definitely understand that we have to grow together.”

Praks: “Shreena’s parents, they’ve been married for 44 years. And I see how her mum and dad still communicate with each other and still talk things through.

“And they still make those little compromises. It’s something I really look up to.

“A couple that raves together stays together.”

Desi Rascals Shreena Praks Marriage Wedding

7. Take Inspiration From Your Parents

Praks: “Shreena’s parents being that little bit older than my parents, I obviously look up to them. And the same goes for my parents. My parents, they were like childhood sweethearts.

“They had the whole different caste issues when they were growing up. They came from Africa, from India, and they’ve grown up here during hard times.

“And one thing that they’ve always managed to maintain is their happy relationship.”

Shreena: “I’ve always thought my mum was ridiculously brave. I moved from one end of London to the other.

“She left India, and came to London, put her trust in one family, one man. She was 18 years old, and she did not see her mum, or anyone else in her again or anyone else in her family for three years after that.

“I think my dad is absolute legend. I am a daddy’s girl.

“If you can get to 71 and 65 like my mum and dad are, and have not had any blips, then I think we’ll be really lucky.”

Shreena and Praks are evidently a young couple very much in love. They are a harmonious and well-matched partnership.

Whether it is clear and honest communication, or always being there for each other, they put in the extra yards to make their relationship work.

Harvey is a Rock ‘N’ Roll Singh and sports geek who enjoys cooking and travelling. This crazy guy loves to do impressions of different accents. His motto is: “Life is precious, so embrace every moment!”

Images courtesy of J Dhillon Photography

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