Manasi Naik announces Divorce from Pardeep Kharera

Marathi actress Manasi Naik has revealed she has filed for divorce from her husband Pardeep Kharera, a year after they got married.

Manasi Naik announces Divorce from Pardeep Kharera f

"It’s high time for me to walk out"

Just a year after getting married, Manasi Naik has filed for divorce.

The Marathi actress married boxer Pardeep Kharera in January 2021, having made their relationship public in 2020.

But separation rumours were sparked after it was discovered that they had deleted their pictures together on their respective social media accounts.

Fans also noticed that they unfollowed each other.

Manasi has now confirmed that the rumours are true.

She said: “The rumours are true, I wouldn’t lie. I have filed for divorce, it is under procedure right now. I’m extremely emotional right now.”

Admitting that she is not coping well with the separation, Manasi elaborated:

“It’s not right on my part to say what went wrong.

“Things didn’t work out and it all happened too soon and fast. I still believe in love, I want to love again.

“There was a time when I wanted to have a family and then I got married. Of course, that was too fast and I think that’s where it all went wrong.

“It’s high time for me to walk out (of the marriage).

“I truly have respect for his family and him. But as a woman, I have self-esteem and self-respect. I need to understand that one cant steep so low that you give up on things.”

Manasi Naik explained that she wants “to move on and concentrate” on her career.

She said: “Right now my family, my friends, myself and my audience are counting on me as an artist.

“I think it’s high time that I should concentrate on my career.

“Somewhere you stop trusting people and I think that has happened with me.”

“At this point in time, I want that support emotionally and spiritually but I feel drained out completely because unfortunately there was no give and take happening (in the past relationship).

“On the other hand, my upbringing is very Puneri.

“I believe in the support system of supporting anyone you love. I have done my bit.

“And if only one of us is earning then I think they deserve that support and if that is not there then it’s better to just walk out.

“Right now many people give out interviews on mental health and how you should understand each other and communicate (with your partner) and if that is lacking, it’s a red flag and you need to walk out then and there itself.”

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