Top Moisturisers for Men

For men, as much as women sticking to a regular skincare regime can do wonders. Here are some of the favourite moisturisers for men.

Moisturisers that have vitamin E and are oil-free will be the best for your skin.

Moisturisers for men are essential for perfect looking skin. And no it’s not a girly thing. Women love men who can take care of themselves. Did you know a man’s skin is on average 70% thicker and 50% more oily than a woman’s skin?

Moisturisers are a great way of taking care of your skin. They retain moisture and keep you hydrated throughout the day. Used after a shave, they also give you a healthy glow that can take the years off. We’ve put together a mini-guide of the top moisturisers for men which are popular, whatever your skin type.

Dry Skin

Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm, £25Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm, £25

Clarins Super Moisture Balm rapidly absorbs into the skin, instantly hydrating it. It can also sooth razor burns, with its extremely light texture and feel. It also tightens the skin protecting you against the rigour and pollution of daily life. It contains Bison Grass and Chinese Galanga, which also energises the skin.

Clinique Maximum Hydrator, £28

A great moisturiser for dry, flaky skin. It is best to use after a shave as it retains moisture, making you look refreshed throughout the day.

Clinique M Lotion, £22

Winner of the Men’s Health Grooming Awards for Best Moisturiser, this lotion is lightweight and perfect for dry skin, without leaving your skin greasy. It absorbs moisture quickly and keeps your skin feeling relaxed. It also tightens the skin, making it feel soft and supple for the whole day. It won’t cause breakouts either.

Dior Homme Dermo Moisturiseing Balm, £50

Perhaps the most high-end moisturiser you will ever lay your hands on. But this intense moisturiser can be the solution to all your dry skin problems. It is non-greasy, and will leave your skin toned and relaxed.

Oily Skin

Kyoku for Men SKN-FC 901 Facial Moisturiser, £43Kyoku for Men – SKN-FC 901: Facial Moisturiser, £43

Japanese brand Kyoku only uses natural ingredients. Using micro particle technology, Kyoku Facial Moisturiser penetrates the skin deeper, keeping it hydrated without the oiliness. It is also SPF 15 for even more protection.

Clinique Men Oil Control Hydrator, £21.50

This moisturiser by Clinique absorbs excess oil throughout the day without drying out your skin. It can be used in the morning and at night and keeps your skin fresh and hydrated.


Biotherm T Pur Moisturiser, £26Korres Greek Yogurt Moisturising Cream, £30-50

Korres yogurt cream is a great soother for dry and acne-prone skin. It contains Vitamin E, olive oil concentrate and macadamia nuts. This provides essential antioxidant protection against skin cell damage.

Cetaphil DERMACONTROL Oil Control Moisturiser SPF 30, £30

This lightweight moisturiser is specially formulated for acne-prone skin. It manages oily skin without over-drying.

Biotherm T Pur Moisturiser, £26

This can help control problem-prone skin, which has a tendency to breakout. It is both calm and soothing and won’t dry out your skin.

“When it comes to problem skin, this is what you need to look out for: oil-free, non-comedogenis or non-acnegic,” says skin-expert Farhan from the Midlands.

“Avoid creams and go for lotions. Creams are heavy. Exfoliating ingredients like salicylic acid, retinal are good too. Always look for creams with a high SPF, hypo-allergenic, and fragrance free.”


Lab Series Power Protector SPF50, £38Lab Series Power Protector SPF50, £38

This Power Protector is lightweight and forms an invisible and impenetrable barrier against you and the elements. It is great if you are an outdoors person. But it is also good for everyday use too. Used by all skin types, it is non-greasy, contains SPF 50, which shields against harmful UV rays that can age your skin. It energises the skin leaving a much healthier appearance.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel SPF15, £33

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel wakens up dull and tired skin. It protects you from daily elements and environmental factors, including UV rays, keeping you staying younger for longer.


Shiseido Men Active Energising Concentrate, £51Shiseido Men: Active Energising Concentrate, £51

Perhaps one of the best moisturisers on the market right now. Shiseido is expensive but reduces pore size and can take the years off. It is an all-in-one moisturiser that offers great protection for the skin without being too greasy or acne contributing.

Nickel Morning-After Rescue Gel, £17.95

Nights out are great fun but can be problematic for your skin the following morning, especially if you need to be at work. Nickel’s moisturiser contains soy protein which instantly radiates the skin, giving you a healthy and fresh look. Its soft texture helps you feel great too and the added non-roasted coffee ingredient is a wake up call for your skin, firming it and helping you stay refreshed.


Lab Series Max LS Age-Less Face Cream, £45Lab Series Max LS Age-Less Face Cream, £45

This anti-ageing cream can be used daily. It absorbs quickly and can reduce the visibility of wrinkles and crow’s feet.

No7 for Men: Protect and Perfect Intense Anti-Ageing Moisturiser, £23

Super hydrating, your skin will stay refreshed and younger looking after a few weeks. It’s not the best for excessively oily skin, so avoid if that’s an issue.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Transformer Age-Correcting Gel, £27

With blue algae and Vitamin E, this lightweight gel has everything your skin needs to stay fresh. It combats the roughness and toil that daily life has on your skin.

On a Budget

Simple For Men Hydrating Daily Moisturiser, £4.99Nivea for Men: Skin Energy Moisturiser, £8.99

A great cheap moisturiser that can re-boost tired and dull looking skin.

L’Oreal Men Expert: Hydra Sensitive, £9.99

L’Oreal Men Expert will protect your skin from drying out after your morning shave. It also protects against daily pollution.

Simple For Men: Hydrating Daily Moisturiser, £4.99

This fragrance-free moisturiser is perfect for those on a budget. It is lightweight and non-greasy. With it being less than a fiver, you really can’t go wrong.

When it comes to skin care, it is vital to find the right product for you. In general, moisturisers that have vitamin E and are oil-free will be the best for your skin. Jojoba oil is naturally anti-bacterial and is great for detoxifying the skin.

As always it’s vital you check your skin type before splashing out as some of these moisturisers may not work on you. Have a great skin day!

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