Top Men’s Casual Shoes to Wear for Summer

Men often overlook casual shoes for summer. This list will provide the best go-to footwear for those scorching barbeques and serene beaches.

Top Men's Casual Shoes to Wear for Summer - f

The versatility of these trainers is unmatched

Summer is the season of flowy vests, lightweight shorts and vibrant t-shirts. However, an essential item that is overlooked is casual shoes.

Dressing freely and comfortably is key for summer and shoes are no different.

Whether it’s relaxing sandals or classic loafers, there are various summer kicks to choose from.

Family barbecues, atmospheric beer gardens and beach bonfires are all on the summer agenda.

With all these activities, it is important to explore comfy footwear that can adapt to different events and temperatures.

The great thing about having a staple summer shoe is that it is one less thing to worry about when getting dressed.

These casual shoes can be reused each year which allows men to build up a catalogue of summer footwear over time.

An important factor is that these shoes suit all styles and preferences.

Whether it is the most minimal or experimental design, this list will provide a foundation to start upgrading your summer footwear.

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal

Top Men's Casual Shoes to Wear for Summer - sandals

The first summer shoe which has been making a comeback within fashion is the sandal.

Although the sandal was deemed ‘boring’ and ‘plain’, it is highly underappreciated when discussing summer footwear.

Popular designer brands such as Prada and Gucci revitalised the sandal look and made it more modern.

However, this specific Arizona Sandal has been highly discussed amongst fashionistas. The leather material looks dapper and the adjustable straps will keep your feet snug.

These are incredible multi-purpose shoes. Easy to slip on for a summertime walk or don them for an all-day party at the beach.

Also, the open toe design will keep the wind circulating, leaving your feet fresh and cool in the scorching heat.

Men can choose from many colours, styles and even material, with Birkenstock offering suede, EVA and even vegan designs.

Starting from £60, these summer sandals are a great investment.

Simple, trendy and effortless to style, the pricepoint matches the quality of the shoe as it will last indefinitely.

New Balance 327 Sneakers

Top Men's Casual Shoes to Wear for Summer - new era

These sleek and colourful trainers are the perfect accompaniment for practical occasions.

Offering a contemporary design, New Balance has incorporated mesh and nylon materials that will leave you feeling relaxed and cool.

The versatility of these trainers should also be admired.

Although it was made to be a running shoe, the modern and bold design has been an instant success with streetwear outfits.

In addition, the sporty silhouette offers a more dapper alternative to those run-down gym trainers.

Pairing these with cuffed shorts and a linen shirt makes for an impressive picnic ensemble. Or, worn with light joggers and a t-shirt for a casual summer drink is equally trendy.

This is a superb option for those wanting to be active throughout the day in multiple settings.

The supportive sole, durability of these trainers comforts your feet and won’t cause any aches when enjoying the rays.

Starting from £70, this immense all-rounder will have you ready for every summer event.

Dune Bluff Slip-On Loafer

Top Men's Casual Shoes to Wear for Summer - loafer

A classic summer shoe that exudes elegance is the loafer.

Although it is not associated with casual wear, there are many loafers that have simplistic designs, making them easy to style.

However, this specific design cleverly fuses the classical elements of a loafer with a modern twist. The fantastic colourway of tan and navy oozes sun, sea and laughter.

The mesh-like material provides a continuous breeze for your feet which makes this ideal for summer bike rides or holiday sightseeing.

However, the leather panels on the back spine offer that touch of formality for humid dinner parties.

In addition, this would make a great pairing with light trousers and a fitted polo for sunny commutes to work.

Shoppers can also choose the navy colour palette which provides a different option for those who want a more subdued look.

The possibilities are endless with this shoe. Astonishingly starting from £48, the sublime quality and price make this shoe a must-have.

Columbia Facet 30 OutDry Shoe

Columbia Facet 30 OutDry Shoe - columbia

The next casual summer shoes that have some surprising features are these running-inspired hiking trainers.

These trainers are dedicated to fitness fanatics or men who will be on their feet all day but are amazingly designed to look just like a normal sneaker.

Using ballistic mesh will reinforce the breathability of the shoe, and the heel stabilisation offers maximum comfort for summer hikes.

Impressively, these kicks are also waterproof, meaning they can withstand the spontaneous British weather.

However, these incredible elements are all cleverly hidden behind the sleek and modern design.

A shoe that is durable, versatile and ever so convenient. Wear these on camping trips, trails and hikes but you won’t need to replace them when entering a nice spot for lunch.

Easily pair these up with some UnderArmour trousers and hoody for an intense workout.

Or wear them with some navy shorts and a white t-shirt for a relaxing lounge outside.

At £87.50, this adaptable and unique shoe will completely upgrade your summer wardrobe.

A great alternative for dedicated hikers is the Merrell MOAB 2 Ventilator boots, which sit at £68.

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor

Top Men's Casual Shoes to Wear for Summer - converse

A must-have staple for every man’s wardrobe should be minimal white trainers.

White trainers ooze summer. They are simple, bright and brilliantly accompany any outfit.

These shoes boast flexibility because of their low top design but the leather material adds a touch of panache.

Dress these sneakers with a linen suit for a dashing wedding outfit or flaunt them at a sweltering cricket match.

The trainers are also equipped with minimal eyelets which enhances airflow for ultimate comfort.

The versatility of these trainers is unmatched.

In addition, men can be certain that this simplistic design will never go out of style, keeping outfits crisp yearly.

Although white trainers do require more care, Converse impressively keep their freshness even if worn in.

At just £65, these critical trainers should be sought after by every man to complete the ultimate summer ensemble.

East Dane Spritz Smoking Soludos

Top Men's Casual Shoes to Wear for Summer - soludos

These quirky hand-stitched espadrilles are an excellent alternative to sandals.

Fusing the grace of a loafer with the informality of a sandal creates an extremely fashionable and versatile shoe.

The lightweight fabric and supportive sole will keep feet cool when chilling on the beach or comfortable when running errands.

These casual shoes are perfect for those with a more experimental style.

The embroidered cocktail graphic provides this shoe with a summery twist. It also means you can throw on a plain ensemble, as these shoes will steal the limelight.

However, East Dane have an expansive list of different espadrilles. Some designed with a block colour, and others with more embroidery work.

A great element of these shoes is it adapts to the shape of one’s feet. Starting as a snug fit, these flamboyant kicks expand once worn in.

The easy-to-wear quality does not take away from the fact that you can still dress these up with trousers and a shirt.

Starting from £61.53, these are perfect to showcase your personal style whilst remaining comfortable and confident.

Choosing Correctly

With numerous styles, designs and construction, choosing the perfect summer shoe can be tricky.

However, even investing in one of these footwear styles can revitalise summer outfits.

All white trainers will uplift a basic polo and shorts combo. Whereas slip-on loafers will provide a classy twist to evening wear.

One style is not better than the other. Although, it is important to explore other colours, fabrics and designs which suit your daily summer activity.

Just like summer clothes, shoes can look different on the feet.

However, the exciting thing about shopping around is stumbling upon vibrant shoes that expand your specific style.

Also, the great thing about these casual shoes is the versatility, breathability and longevity.

Meaning men can invest in one of these shoes and it will become an essential piece every summer.

Summer is a time to flaunt. Experiment and explore. These shoes are perfect to bolster every man’s summer wardrobe.

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Images courtesy of Birkenstock, New Balance, Dune, Columbia, Converse & East Dane.