Alia Bhatt opens up on Facing Casual Sexism

Alia Bhatt opened up on the prevalence of casual sexism in Bollywood, revealing that she has been subjected to lewd remarks.

Alia Bhatt opens up on Facing Casual Sexism f

"I was basically a subject of extreme misogyny"

Alia Bhatt spoke about facing casual sexism and how she has received random sexist comments over time in Bollywood.

The actress admitted that at the time, she did not realise the comments were sexist.

But after thinking about them, she became aware.

Alia stated that it annoys her when she hears such comments.

Speaking about her own experiences, Alia said:

“I think from time to time I have faced that – casual sexism. Many times I would not notice it.

“When I think back now because I am so much more aware of it, it just makes so much sense as ‘oh my god that was such a sexist comment, or that I was basically a subject of extreme misogyny in that moment.

“That’s why now I am so much more sensitive. Sometimes my friends go like ‘what’s wrong with you, why have you become so aggressive?’”

Alia went on to speak about some of the sexist things people have said to her.

“But it’s not about that, just random things like ‘don’t be so sensitive, you’re being so sensitive, are you PMSing’.

“To hell with you, I am not being sensitive, and even if I am PMSing so the hell what? You were born because women were PMSing.

“It gets me so annoyed when people say these random things. It’s just casual. Things like ‘your bra shouldn’t be on a bed, hide the bra’.

“Why hide it? Its clothes, you’re flashing your underwear I am not saying anything.

“It’s not like it has happened with me actively, but there is a certain understanding of how you should hide a lot of things as a woman.”

On the work front, Alia Bhatt is set for the release of her debut production, Darlings, which is set to release on August 5, 2022, on Netflix.

Alia has also been working on her Hollywood debut, Heart of Stone, which also stars Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan.

Opening up about working on the film whilst pregnant, Alia said:

“It was my first Hollywood big English picture experience and I had quite a task at hand because I was shooting for the first time in an action movie.

“But I’m also pregnant so there were so many layers for me to deal with.”

“But they made it so seamless and so easy and so comfortable for me. It’s something that I will never forget because of how beautifully and how well I was treated.”

On her co-stars, Alia added: “I had such a lovely time shooting with Gal [Gadot], with Jamie Dornan and with my director Tom Harper.

“I think we’re onto something pretty cool with Heart of Stone and I can’t wait for the world to see it.”

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