Indian Men demand a Men’s Commission to Stop Fake Accusations

A large group of Indian men have demanded a men’s commission to be set up in order to stop fake accusations against them.

Indian Men demand a Men's Commission to Stop Fake Accusations f

Several false cases were filed against Manpreet

Thousands of Indian men staged a sit-in protest in Delhi as they demanded a men’s commission to be set up.

This is to prevent their divorcing and separating wives from filing false complaints against them.

This had been highlighted by the Punjab and Haryana High Court in early 2019. They stated that a growing number of women have been accusing their husbands of shocking crimes in return for a financial reward.

Many of the women had been exploiting Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code to file false cases against their husbands.

There is a women’s commission to support wives who are involved in legal cases but there is no commission for men.

As a result, thousands of men from all over India staged a sit-in protest. They demanded that a men’s commission be created in order to prevent them from being implicated in false cases.

Several of the men stated that they have been falsely accused with many saying that separations would be avoided if their family did not interfere.

Three particularly noticeable cases from some of the Indian men were revealed.

Manpreet Singh Bhandari, a sales manager at a Bengaluru-based IT company said that he was married in 2009.

However, just a few days after his wedding, a feud between the two families began. This escalated when his wife told him that the marriage will not go on anymore.

His wife later took their 15-month-old child to her maternal home without telling Manpreet.

Several false cases were filed against Manpreet, including dowry, quarrel and assault. Due to appearing in court multiple times each month, he was fired from his company.

Veer Singh also had several false accusations against him after he refused to transfer a plot of land into his wife’s name.

The Madangir, Delhi resident was married in 2006 and has three children with his wife.

Veer explained that he purchased some land in 2015, however, his wife’s father said that the land should be transferred to her. Veer refused the request.

Upon knowing this, his wife took their two sons and went to her maternal home, leaving behind their daughter.

She took revenge on her husband by filing six false cases against him including assault and harassment.

Another protestor who spoke about his ordeal was Sudhanshu Gautam who was married in 2016. After just a few days, his wife asked him about the amount of land in his name. Sudhanshu said:

“The elder brother’s marriage has been more than 10 years, yet he has not asked the parents for their rights, so how can I ask for it?”

This resulted in an argument before his mother-in-law found out. She filed over six cases against Sudhanshu including dowry and assault.

He went to say that he has received over 250 threatening audio messages from his in-laws.

The creation of a men’s commission would be positive as more innocent men would receive more support if they have been falsely accused.

It would also mean that far fewer men would be convicted for a crime they did not commit.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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