Pakistan High Commission Worker ‘Molested’ Indian Professor

An Indian professor accused a Pakistan High Commission worker of molestation, claiming he would grant a visa if she performs sexual favours.

Pakistan High Commission Worker 'Molested' Indian Professor f

"He also asked do you have somebody to have sex with"

An Indian woman has claimed that she was molested by a Pakistan High Commission worker.

She said the official demanded sexual favours from her. If she obliged, he would grant her a visa in order to travel to Pakistan.

The woman said the official held her hand and asked if she was married. She also alleged that the worker told her that they can get married if she is bored.

The woman, a senior professor and head of department at a university in Punjab, had booked an online visa appointment with the Pakistan High Commission.

When asked about the purpose of her visit to Lahore, she told the official:

“I wish to visit Lahore to photograph the monuments and write on them and also visit a university where I was invited to deliver a lecture.”

She was not granted a visa due to the tensions between India and Pakistan.

But when she was about to leave, another staff member approached her.

She recalled: “I went to Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi in March 2021 and June last year. I was asked to wait in a lounge and then after some time, I was told that a visa cannot be granted as the then Pakistan government was not stable as a no-confidence motion was passed against the then-Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“When I was leaving the office, a person, who identified himself as Asif, approached me and said that ‘I would have granted a visa to you if you had come to me’ and asked me to go back to the lounge and wait there.”

Asif initially asked her about her visa requirements before asking her about her personal life.

She continued: “He later called me to another room in the same corridor and I sat there.

“He (Asif) said that a visa officer will come by 2 pm. Then he started talking to me in general about my visa requirement, and I kept answering.

“Then he asked if I was married which was a generic question and I replied ‘no sir I’m not married’, then he asked ‘why, what happened?’

“He then asked ‘what do you do to fulfil your sexual desire’. I got a little uncomfortable.”

“He also asked do you have somebody to have sex with, do you have somebody with whom you go out, can you have an extramarital affair.

“I got up and asked him to call the visa officer.”

The professor also claimed that Asif asked her to write anti-India articles, which she refused.

She has filed a complaint with foreign minister S Jaishankar, asking for the matter to be taken up. The woman has also sent screenshots of WhatsApp conversations with the staff member.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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