5 Skin Care Tips for Desi Men with Oily Skin

With a few skin care tips and routines, grooming products and treatments, Desi men with oily skin can prevent that grease!

5 Skin Care Tips for Desi Men with Oily Skin

"It absorbs the impurities and clears residues and excess oil.”

Desi men with oily skin are very unattractive.

Whether it’s the bodily function, the weather or you’ve just been working out too much at the gym. The excessive oil production may leave your face looking extra shiny, with a greasy complexion.

And in turn, your skin is prone to spot breakouts, clogged pores. As well as, a rough thick texture.

Familiar with the above characteristics? Well, then you are one of the many Desi men with oily skin!

Yet, some Desi men have it all. The glowing flawless skin, the style, the money. And then, there is you, trying to wipe off that oil!

But, don’t worry! Although skin care is a relatively new field for men, it can be dealt with some routines and products.

DESIblitz has five tips for those Desi men whose oil glands are out of control!

Face Wash ~ Make it a Daily Habit!

5 Skin Care Tips for Desi Men with Oily Skin

To help your skin, in the long run, you will need to adapt to a daily skincare routine. With nothing other than a suitable Face Wash.

So if you have been searching for a face cleanser, your search ends here!

Washing your face daily with a liquid cleanser like the No7 Men Oil Control Exfoliating Face Wash can help control oil levels, giving you a visibly clear, shine-free skin. The brand says:

“Dirt, pollution, oil…your skin gets put through its paces every single day. If your skin is oily it needs a product that is specially designed to balance and regulate.”

Face washes for men are definitely flying off the supermarket shelves, becoming a daily need, and this product is a complete must have for Desi men with oily skin. The skin ingredients embedded in this liquid, assist in getting rid of the excessive oil productions, all in three magic steps: “Lather, rinse, done,” says the brand.

But, of course, a Face Wash is just one part of your routine.

Moisturiser ~ Balancing your Natural Moisture

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With the oils on your skin, try using the Botanics Men’s Oil Control Moisturiser SPF 15, which is approved by KEW Royal Botanic Gardens, available at an affordable price.

Moreover, the Body Shop has brought out a magical product for you, which hydrates when required, the Maca Root Balancing Face Protector. Boasting of ingredients such as Lepidium Meyenii Root, Bertholletia Excelsa Seed Oil and Bamboo Stem Extract, this moisturising cream will surely help Desi men with oily skin protect and improve their skin condition.

Remember you don’t want a moisturiser which will completely squeeze up all your oils. Rather, this type of hydrating product is more about the balancing, not drinking it all up.

Spots ~ Take care of them!

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Those that suffer from oily skin, are likely to be dealing with spots. Don’t just leave them, treat them! And, avoid the temptation to squeeze them!

If clogged pores are left untreated, they can lead to blackheads and acne. The Lab Series Treat Power Pore Anti-Shine and Pore Treatment is recommended to help treat enlarged and clogged pores.

This lotion is to target and treat key areas which are associated with pores, helping you maintain a clearer complexion. Or the least, it can help keep the spots to a minimum.

Containing bacteria fighting ingredients, this spot fighter will prevent against future breakouts. All you have to do is smoothly apply a small amount on the affected areas.

This added extra treatment can make all the difference!

Face Mask ~ Don’t be afraid!

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Desi men with oily skin should consider using face masks, which are one of the best weapons to carry through your grooming battle. Not do they only reduce the oils, but also tighten the skin, deep clean your pores and give your skin a smooth texture.

The Facial Cleansing Mask by MenScience combines green tea, clay, aloe, and hyaluronic acid. Using this magical pot once a week will leave you with a softer and smoother appearance.

The brand says: “It absorbs the impurities and clears residues and excess oil.”

With the extra added skin benefits, a face mask like the one above promises to give you a brighter skin, protected against future oily enemies!

Wipe that Oil!

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Glycolic Exfoliating and Resurfacing Wipes by Anthony, can help soak up excess oil. So keep them in your gym bag, in your car, or at your desk at work!

Why should you use these? Because the greasiness on your face needs to be absorbed! And deserves that freshness.

Packed with Aloe Vera and Menthol, these wipes will help to cool your skin. As well as, wipe away impurities and dirt.

In addition, as it has anti-inflammatory ingredients, the wipes will also reduce any skin irritation.

Nevertheless, don’t overuse any of the products. Because excessive use may lead to more skin damage. So once or twice a week should do the job.

Additionally, keep your hands clear of your face, as the dirt and oil contained on your fingertips may also increase the risk of spots.

Good luck to all those Desi men with oily skin fighting against the grease!

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

Images courtesy of: Official websites of Boots, The Body Shop, shaverguru, BesSkincare, MenScience, The Lab Series, Anthony and Rich Ellgen/Demand Media/Livestrong.

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