Skin Care Routine for Desi Skin

From cleansing to moisturising, give your skin a treat. DESIblitz provides a daily skin care routine, with product recommendations for Desi skin.

Skin Care Routine for Desi Skin

"When your skin’s happy and clear, you feel healthier and happier too!"

Making time for a skin care routine, means a healthy and clear skin, with a considerable improvement in its texture and tone.

Remember your skin is your canvas. As such, having a clean canvas when applying make-up, would further enhance your beauty and create a natural look.

So, setting a good skin care routine can do a lot for your complexion. And, while we all understand that we should wash our face before going to sleep, our morning cleansing is lacking and weak.

DESIblitz has put together a step-by-step morning skin care regimen for Desi skin.

Since Asian skins are different to the Western, more prone to sensitive conditions, due to living in hot countries. In particular, with exposure to heat, causing eczema, rashes and rosacea. DESIblitz highlights the most gentle-natured products and their application.

Step 1: Cleansing

Skin Care Routine for Desi Skin

DESIblitz recommends starting your skin care routine with a gentle cleanser.

Think of the Asian sensitivity skin conditions like baby skin. Would you use products that contain harsh ingredients for a baby?  It may cause redness or reactions. So, treat your skin just the same. Be delicate with it and it will be delicate with you.

To exemplify, a skincare brand, La Roche Posay, is targeted for sensitive skin types. Most of their products do no contain any harsh ingredients, they are alcohol and fragrance-free.

Yet, there are many preferences to choose from. Cream based, water based, and oil cleansers. But, you know what works best for your skin type more than anyone else!

Once you have selected your skin suitable cleansing product, massage it onto your face and rinse it with lukewarm water. Pat dry with a clean towel. Remember to have a separate towel for your face.

You should cleanse your face twice a day. Once in the morning to refresh your skin, and before bed to remove the makeup.

Even if you aren’t wearing makeup, still use a cleanser. It’s not just for removing makeup. But, a cleanser is expected to clean the skin deeply and effectively.

Step 2: Exfoliating

Skin Care Routine for Desi Skin

What is exfoliation?

A process which removes dead skin cells and opens blocked pores. An essential step for your daily skincare routine.

For this purpose, you can use the oil balancing exfoliating face wash by Simple:

“Smile, it’s Simple. When your skin’s happy and clear, you feel healthier and happier too! A perfect blend of active ingredients and witch hazel goodness to deep clean and refresh your skin. Perfect for even sensitive skin.”

Gently scrubbing its texture in circular motions, will take away dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft. And, will stimulate blood flow to your canvas!

Now, steam your face. Alternatively, grab a cotton cloth and wet it with hot water. Then rub it gently on your face, in circular motions. Not only will this smooth and improve the skin texture, the massaging action will also reduce the morning puffy look on the face.

Step 3: Toner

Skin Care Routine for Desi Skin

What is a toner?

With the acne-prone Asian skins, this step is crucial.

Toners are used before moisturising and after cleansing. They keep the skin fresh, helping to balance your skin and prevent it from overproducing oil.

In this case, the skin type doesn’t matter. You don’t want to dry it out. Your skin needs to restore and repair its surface. Therefore, any alcohol based toners that contain ‘astringent’ should be highly avoided.

Rather, water based toners containing vitamin E is what you should opt for. Once again, La Roche Posay offers a thermal spring water toner, which does not contain any harsh ingredients. They further describe their product as:

“The micro-droplets penetrate the skin immediately for intense soothing and softening of the sensitive skin. Comfort and refresh the skin after cleansing and hydrate and refresh skin in warmer weather.”

Moreover, they provide its application advice: “Hold spray 20cm from the face and close eyes while spraying. Leave to penetrate for 2-3 minutes.” This can then be gently removed with a cotton pad or tissue.

In addition, rosewater is another effective toner. It contains energising properties. Such as, chamomile. Both effective for calming and soothing the skin.

Step 4: Moisturising

Skin Care Routine for Desi Skin

No matter what your skin type, there is surely a moisturiser out there that suits your skin.

For oily skin, try the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel:

“The oil-free moisture ‘drink’ to maintain optimal moisture balance for oilier skins.”

If you have dry skin, opt for a creamy formula, that will hydrate your skin. The Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser by Neutrogena may just be the solution.

After all the above skin care routine steps, you only need a pea sized amount!

Not only does moisturising make your skin look dewy under makeup, it also protects it from over drying.

Apply your moisturiser by softly rubbing it across your face and neck. Remember to be extra gentle around the eyes.

A regular skin care routine is not just taking care of how you look from the outside. But, you also need to drink plenty of water. In addition, wash your hands before applying any products, to avoid bacteria on your skin. Also, stay calm with your routine. Don’t change products quickly, unless you have an allergic reaction because products take time to work.

Once you have a skin care regime set, you will wonder why you didn’t have one before!

Sabiha is a psychology graduate. She is passionate about writing, women empowerment, Indian classical dance, performing and food! Her motto is “we need to teach our women to be somebodies instead of somebody’s”

Images courtesy of WikiHow, WaveLines, Simple, La Roche Posay, The LDN Diaries, Neutrogena and Clinique

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