Male Grooming Secrets for British Asian Men

The male grooming industry is fast growing, DESIblitz explores easy grooming habits all Desi men should get into and emphasise their best features!

Male Grooming Secrets for British Asian Men

"I use their face wash, moisturiser, aftershave, shaving cream for my skin."

Male grooming, the process of a man’s daily bathroom routine has undoubtedly evolved throughout the decades.

Living in a post-metrosexual society means that men are no longer rejecting the idea of a grooming regime over fears of it being ‘too feminine’.

While attitudes in the West are a lot more liberal, perceptions within the Desi community aren’t as accepting. Due to cultural connotations of manhood, particularly in the East, Desi blokes tend to be distant when it comes to preserving their appearance.

However, having said that, increasingly more South Asian men are striving in the quest for a more polished and pristine image.

From eyebrow threading and beard shaping, to exclusively male skincare products. So, read on to discover the ways of attaining a sharp, dashing, gentleman look!

Hair Maintenance


Desi people are recognised by their attractive exotic locks and dark, glossy manes. However, with this blessing, comes the curse of more prominent facial and body hair.

But, thanks to the wide-ranging hair removal services, unibrows are thankfully a thing of the past.

Therefore, it is important to approach the eyebrows with great caution. Since they have the power to transform your entire facial appearance. They can either make you look sharp, bright and clean. Or, on the other hand, make you look aged, unflattering and out of balance with your face shape. The key here is to sculpt the brows according to the shape of the face.

The same principle also applies to beard-shaping. It should be kept in balance with the structure of the face, to gain a symmetrical look. The personification of manhood, a well-kept beard has the ability to draw female attention. As well as, make a bold fashion statement. As John Abraham told India’s largest online lifestyle magazine for men, MensXP:

“Trust me, when technology that is so effective is so easily available, it becomes very convenient and easy to do so. For whatever amount of hair, it takes just five minutes to remove it.”

Notably, see how the celebrities, with their own characteristic face shapes, have emphasised facial features. Do you know which eyebrow and beard style will suit your face shape?

Face Shapes, Eyebrows and Beards

Male Grooming Secrets for British Asian Men

Everyone’s face is shaped differently, with a distinct hair and jawline, eyes, nose lips, etc. This includes the width and length of the face. Considerably, for both genders, features vary by each individual. Therefore, male grooming according to the face shape will enhance and reflect your whole face:

“Recognising your face shape is the key to choosing a cut and style that flatter you,” says health and beauty journalist Helen Foster.

Round Face

A round face best suits eyebrows with a slight angle at the end. This balances out the roundness and is also recommended for men with smaller foreheads.

A squared-out beard will add much-needed angles to this face shape. The key to achieving a square silhouette is to keep it shorter around the cheeks and longer around the jawlines.

Heart Shaped Face

A slight bend in the brow will emphasise and complement the facial bone structure of a heart-shaped face.

Beard lines should be a lot softer and scruffier, sharper lines will only further accentuate the cheekbones. The neckline should also be lower to make the chin appear less pointed.

Square Shaped Face

Round eyebrows will soften the look of a square face and are best suited for men with wider foreheads and larger eyes.

Diagonal beard lines that are softly-pointed under the chin will help to soften the angular shape.

Oval Shaped Face

Straighter eyebrows are preferred for an oval face. This will create a rounded, well-balanced look, and is also suited for men with smaller eyes.

Shorter and stubbly beards are preferred for this shape. Sharper beard lines will also create the illusion of a balanced face.

As with most elements of male grooming, it is also important to not totally rid the natural appearance. As such, it is important to maintain a natural fullness of the eyebrows, as over-plucking can create a rather peculiar look on men. The trick is to make the brow appear neater, without appearing over threaded.

Men who would prefer to maintain their natural eyebrow shapes, by only regularly brushing and occasionally trimming long hairs, will also help to attain a more polished look.

Similarly, for maintaining a longer beard is to brush it upwards and carefully trim any stray hairs. In addition, also condition the lengths to keep it looking tidy.

Now, what about the blackheads and breakouts on the face? The dry or oily skin conditions?

If your morning bathroom routine hasn’t developed beyond shaving and washing your face with a messy soap bar, it’s about time you upgrade your skincare routine. Stock up on some affordable male grooming products, and spend an extra 5 minutes in front of the mirror.

Skincare Products for Dry/Sensitive Skin

Male Grooming Secrets for British Asian Men

It is important not to use soap or soap-based products, as this will only further dehydrate and irritate the skin. Instead, opt for a gentle cleanser, that is free from any harsh chemicals or perfume.

In an exclusive interview, with MensXP, Arjun Rampal describes his daily grooming regime:

“The Nivea skin care range for Men is excellent. I use their face wash, moisturiser, aftershave, shaving cream for my skin.”

Explore the classic and effective male grooming skincare products selected by DESIblitz for all skin types.

Simple Face Wash

Specifically designed for sensitive skin, the simple facial gel contains no artificial perfumes or colours, nd is soap-free. With a blend of vitamin goodness and active ingredients, it will leave your skin feeling cleansed, without any dry or tightening sensation on the skin.

Shiseido Moisturising Recovery Cream

A good moisturiser is essential for preventing irritations and flakiness on the dry and sensitive skin.

Therefore, this selected formula, Shiseido Moisturising cream, helps to recover traumatised skin whilst also having a calming, soothing and hydrating effect

Kiss My Face Fragrance-Free Moisture Shave

When it comes to shaving, use a foam that won’t exacerbate dry and problematic skin conditions. It is also best to perform a mild cleansing process, prior to shaving. In order to remove oil and dirt, and create a smoother shaving experience.

This selected Kiss My Face product for male grooming, contains a wealth of skin-loving ingredients. Including aloe vera, peppermint and vitamins A and E to moisturise and protect the skin.

Skin Care Products for Oily Skin

Male Grooming Secrets for British Asian Men

The characteristics of oily skin are an overproduction of oil by the sebaceous glands, enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples, and acne.

It is vital not to use any products that will cause the skin to dry out. Since this will cause the sebaceous glands in your skin to produce even more oil. As such, to compensate for the lack of moisture that comes with using harsh cleansers.

Oil Eliminator Cleanser by Kiehl’s

It is best to use a light moisturiser that is oil-free, as oily skin doesn’t require rich hydration.

The oil eliminator cleanser is a gentle cleanser containing natural exfoliants to remove dead skin cells and clean pores without a drying effect. An essential element for oily skin male grooming!

Effeclar Mat Moisturiser by La Roche Posay

La Roche specialises in paraben-free products for the oily and acne-prone skin. The sebum-regulating and anti-oxidant ingredients are great to mattify the skin, prevent breakouts and diminish blemishes.

Skin Care Products for Combination Skin

Male Grooming Secrets for British Asian Men

This type of skin is tricky.

It is defined as having an oily t-zone. Whilst, also being dry and flaky in other parts. A foam cleanser is the most ideal for such skin. Gentle on dry patches and more rigorous on the t-zone.

The Body Shop Aloe Vera Gentle Face Wash

The Aloe Vera facial wash contains mild surfactants to combat the t-zone area. Meanwhile, the aloe vera soothes dry spots.

Go for a hydrating lotion that is oil-free, fast-absorbing, and with a matte finish.

Advanced Face Lotion by Menscience

With water-binding ingredients that hydrate and restore, this lotion by Menscience, leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and smooth. A must product for luxury male grooming!

Interestingly, several experiments have also discovered that a considerable amount of women expect their partners to be well-groomed from head-to-toe.

Yes, when it comes to male grooming, they know what gets their approval!

So, if you haven’t already, revolutionise your morning bathroom routine and watch it work wonders for your confidence and appearance.

A fashion designer and visionary at heart; Sairah enjoys engaging in her passions – writing and designing. With a Masters in Journalism, her motto is: "Challenge yourself with something you think you could never do, and you can accomplish anything."

Photos Courtesy: Nivea Men India, Etsy, Ranjit Kumar, India Times, Celebrity Inside, Hollywood Life, Simple, Kiss My Face, shiseido, kiehls, mensok, Amazon, escentual, The Body Shop and badgerandblade.

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