10 Amazing Hair Care Tips for Desi Men

Every Desi guy has their own way of grooming their hair, but many of us do it wrong. Here are 10 hair care tips to ensure incredible hair.

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The Indian herb Bhringraj supports the cleansing of impurities

No matter what type of hair you have, they need regular maintenance and there are different hair care tips to help keep it maintained.

Every man has their own way of taking care of their hair and they think it is fine, but sometimes they are doing more damage than they are good.

Issues arise such as greasiness, breakage and product build-up are just some of the problems which happen due to poor hair care.

And it’s not just the actual hair strands which need care and attention, the scalp does too.

Everyone wants to have perfect looking hair, but that can only happen with ongoing maintenance.

We provide 10 incredible hair care tips for Desi men to preserve strength, elasticity and shine for all hair types.

Benefits of Short Hair

Amazing Hair Care Tips for Desi Men - short hair

In terms of having hair which is manageable for men, short hair is the easiest.

There are a number of reasons for this.

They include less time for it to dry than it does with long hair and it is simple to style, that also in a number of ways.

Styling short hair is more versatile and will have a better outcome than men with long hair.

Zayn Malik is known for having different styles but short hair is well suited to his facial structure.

Many Bollywood celebrities pull off short hair in a number of ways too, including Ranveer Singh who has cut his hair very short at times.

Short hair can be styled too. Keeping more on the top whilst shaving the back and sides is a popular style.

Including the popularity of fading on the sides which any hairdresser will do for you if you request it.

For Desi men who do not want a difficult time maintaining their hair, it is recommended to get your hair cut short.

Washing and Drying Hair

Washing Hair

Washing hair too frequently can wash out the natural oils out of the scalp. However, using the right kind of shampoo or even natural products can help.

One major tip when washing hair is to ensure that after shampooing it, you do ensure enough water runs through your hair to remove any residue.

Shampoo which has not been removed from the scalp properly can lead to dandruff and an itchy scalp.

There are a number of natural shampoos and methods men can use to nourish and wash their hair with. These include:

  • Lemon Juice  – Rub some freshly squeezed or good quality organic lemon juice in your hair. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then rinse it out. This keeps your scalp dandruff-free and aids growth.
  • Olive Oil – Whilst being great for cooking, olive oil is great for hair. Massage about two tablespoons of virgin olive oil into your hair and scalp. Leave overnight and wash out the next morning with a mild shampoo and water.
  • Beer – Yes, beer. Despite it being a great drink, it can be a great tonic for your hair.  Pour a bottle over your hair and leave it for about 15 minutes and then rinse out. It is a great cleanser for your hair.
  • Natural Yoghurt – Another very natural form of nourishment for your hair. Massage the yoghurt into all of your hair and scalp. Leave for about 20 minutes and then wash it out. It will aid keeping your hair full of volume and shiny.
  • Eggs – The protein in the eggs will help keep your hair nice and strong. With a tablespoon of olive oil, mix, two egg yolks. Massage this mixture into your hair for 20 minutes. Then wash it out with a mild shampoo and water.
  • Aloe Vera: To enhance hair growth and to add strength and volume, Aloe Vera is great. It also helps reduce dandruff and keep the frizz out. Apply aloe vera gel or oil from the tips down to the roots and let it dry. Then rinse it out with hot water.

Hard and soft water areas in the UK for example, can also make a difference to how hair is maintained after washing. Soft water areas can take longer to wash out the shampoo, whereas, hard water rinses it out quicker but can leave the scalp much drier.

So, try to ensure you wash your hair after you have allowed it to build natural oil in it. In addition, choose shampoos wisely. Just because it is advertised a lot does not mean it is the best for your hair.

Drying Hair

One of the biggest causes of damage to men’s hair is drying it wrong.

When hair is wet, it is extremely vulnerable to damage.

When the hair is rubbed with a towel, some hairs become tangled in the threads and become stretched to breaking point.

This causes damage to the outer layer of the hair, leaving frizziness and split ends.

Another problem is using a hairdryer set on maximum heat.

While it drys quickly, the high heat will leave it frizzy and damaged.

To properly towel dry hair, shake out excess water and stroke your hair in the direction it grows, rather than rubbing it.

It takes longer this way, but after a few haircuts, there will be a noticeable difference in the way your hair looks.

With a hairdryer, it is best to let the hair dry naturally, or at least, change the setting to low to prevent over drying the hair.

It is a simple way to improve hair quality but one of the most effective as there will be a significant change in hair quality after trying this hair care tip.

Hair Care Products

Amazing Hair Care Tips for Desi Men - products

There are many hair care products to be used for all sorts of reasons.

From shampoo to hair wax, there is a wide spectrum of products used to enhance hair.

However, sometimes, incorrect use can damage hair.

When left on the scalp for too long, they can damage hair follicles and prevent growth.

Chemicals within the hair products are also responsible for hair damage and can cause irritation.

For example in shampoo, the chemicals will provide a short-term benefit to men’s hair, but it will damage it in the long run.

Hair loss and premature hair greying are just some of the consequences faced when using a shampoo that is made from synthetic chemicals.

To avoid these problems, it is potentially best to use Ayurvedic tips to ensure hair benefits as well as mental benefits.

The Indian herb Bhringraj supports the cleansing of impurities which promotes the natural colour and glow of the hair.

Using organic hair products ensures long-term protection of hair as they are completely free of any synthetic chemicals

These are just a few ways to reduce hair damage when using hair care products.

Sprays & Gels

They are the two main products for styling hair.

Hairspray can suit different purposes, it either provides more control or allows for hair to move naturally.

Hair Gels enables you to create multiple effects when styling hair.

Both are easily accessible but incorrect use can be damaging for hair.

Avoid using hair gel on dry hair and avoid spraying excess amounts as it can lead to breakage.

For Desi men, it is recommended to use products which do not weigh hair down so they keep the hair being able to naturally move and also provide volume.

There are many lightweight hair products for men to choose from.

One of the main brands is Pantene, who make many great hair gels and sprays.

Their corporation P&G ensures that their products are suitable for customers as they spend millions each year researching on improving their products.

Use the Right Tools

Amazing Hair Care Tips for Desi Men - comb

One common thing which many men do is to brush their wet hair.

It is one of the biggest mistakes as it is when the hair is most vulnerable.

Using a wide-toothed comb to gently work out any tangles and avoid heated tools like hairdryers.

For those who prefer a brush, go with a wide-tooth brush as it is easier to separate tangles.

It may also be advised to carry a comb when out and about.

All hair products would benefit from a slight touch up throughout the day, especially if you are going out after work.

When needing to reactivate the styling products in your hair, wet a comb and run it through your hair to re-style.

The correct tools to style men’s hair will prove beneficial in the future.

Hair Loss

Another major problem for Desi men is that of hair loss. It is one which may or may not happen, 

It is one which can be reduced, especially with the rise of hair products and treatments.

There are several Indian remedies for hair loss, many of which can be done at home. So it is quick and easy.

One of the most effective home remedies is vigorously rubbing the scalp with the finger.

After washing the scalp with cold water, rub it until it begins to tingle heat.

It will activate the sebaceous glands and improve blood circulation of the affected area.

Another effective remedy for men is to apply coconut milk to the scalp. It nourishes hair and promotes hair growth.

It is a hair care tip for balding men to try at home.

Many Desi men with thinning hair decide to shave it off completely or keep their hair to a minimum. Bald men do have their attractiveness and it can look neater.

If your hair is thinning, then it is worth consulting your doctor or medical practitioner. Products like Regaine are clinically proven to help.

Hair transplants are also becoming a popular way of combating hair loss. Many Bollywood celebrities have used this kind of treatment with success.

Grey Hair

Amazing Hair Care Tips for Desi Men - grey hair

Going grey for men is something which is inevitable.

It is usually natural but other factors such as genetics and lifestyle are responsible for grey hair.

While some men can pull off the grey look, many want to keep their hair lively looking.

There are a number of ways to go about it but they both fall under the use of hair dye.

You can either go to a professional and have it dyed.

This will ensure that there is full dye coverage over the hair meaning that no stray greys will remain.

However, it is expensive with prices ranging from £35 to £55.

The other option is to buy a self-dye kit, in which there are many such as Men’s Bigen, which come in many colour options.

It is cheap and relatively simple to do and ensures that Desi men will look younger.

This is a hair care tip to try if you are worried about your grey hair.

Healthy Scalp

Maintaining a healthy scalp is just as important as healthy hair.

Hair starts from the scalp, which means that the scalp must be looked after to ensure hair which is strong and shiny.

This includes using fewer products and using a clarifying shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care.

It also means properly washing out any hair products as this can lead to dandruff and an itchy scalp.

It would be recommended to buy anti-dandruff shampoo with 2-in-1 capabilities, it is a shampoo and conditioner.

An itchy scalp may also mean eczema or seborrheic dermatitis. Talk to your doctor about this.

Most physicians recommend a coal tar extract product such as T-Gel to treat dandruff. It can be bought at most pharmacies and supermarkets.

However, it is important to test these products before long-term use.

Stay Healthy

hair care tips healthy

Your hair health is an indicator of your lifestyle.

It is not just oils and shampoos which can keep hair healthy. Lifestyle and diet play a huge part in hair’s health.

Eating well, plenty of exercise, hydration and sleep contribute to your hair’s appearance.

A poor lifestyle could lead to dry, brittle or thinning hair.

Because the hair is made of a protein called keratin, they need nutrients to thrive.

Therefore vitamins and a balanced diet will lead to hair with volume and shine.

The main things to have for healthy hair is Vitamin B, specifically Biotin, water and Omega 3

A man’s hair is the first thing which gets noticed and if they are leading a balanced lifestyle, then their hair will look more impressive.

This is an easy hair care tip Desi men should follow so that their hair appears healthy.

Hair is important for many people and can be styled in many ways.

However, some have made errors when looking after their hair.

Finding the Right Barbers

While a hairstylist is good for providing recommendations and products, it is nothing like going to a barber to get that perfect hairstyle.

If you can find one in your town, go to it as Barbers are specially trained to use clippers and blades.

They know better how to give a better haircut and the hair growth does not mess up.

When you locate one you like, stick with him.

That is because they will know exactly what hairstyle you want every time you sit in the chair.

It is also because barbers are becoming a dying breed.

Many places are either hair salons or they have people who do not have the sufficient training to become a barber.

This is a recommendation for all men to take to ensure that their hair remains ideal for them.

With this sample of hair care tips, it covers a range of potential problems people may have.

It also provides the solutions to any mistakes made so that next time it will not happen and the quality of their hair improves.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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