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Hair care for men today is no longer a simple trip to the barbers. Here are some tips to help with the demanding styles and the choice of hair care products.

Most man have experienced bad hair days

If you think it’s only women who complain about bad hair days. Think again! Who doesn’t want their locks to look picture perfect? The modern men know the importance of good hairstyles. Most men do care for their hair and are very particular about it.

Most man have experienced bad hair days. Men like to hide a bad hair day too! For example, when we wake up with bad hair, we can slip on a cap and tuck it away! So, bad hair days are part of the for men as much as women.

After all bad hair days are like bad moods, they come and go. Nevertheless, looking good and properly styling your hair can be quite the challenge, that’s why here are some tips that will help you out on those days.

  • Clean healthy hair is the basis of any good looking man’s hairstyle. So use a mild shampoo that does not wash away the natural oils, followed by a moisturising conditioner.
  • If you have a long hair, comb your hair from root to the tips as it enhances blood circulation and aides in untangling. Always use wide and blunt headed comb preferably of wood. Don’t comb your hair when wet.
  • Pamper yourself to hair spas and massages as it rejuvenates and adds glow to the dull hair.
  • Look after your scalp and keep it healthy by regular massages of oil or cream deep into the scalp. Dry scalp causes noticeable dandruff.
  • Get regular trim, keeping it short is the simplest way to avoid bad hair days.
  • Avoid using low- end men’s hair products. They are the main reason for hair loss and bad hair days.
  • Choose a right hairstyle and right hair products.
  • If you have the shaven look, always do not leave it too long before your shave your hair. Keep it tidy and slick.
  • Only go for hairstyles that suit your face and features. Just because the hawk is in style one season, it doesn’t mean a man with a long face should go for it.
  • Drink lots of water to limit bad hair days.
  • Eating a healthy balanced diet. Protein rich foods such as meats, eggs, cheese, seeds and nuts impact on the health of hair. Include foods high in vitamin B, C, E, A and K.

Prasad Bidapa, Celebrity Image Consultant says:

“A good quality shampoo and conditioner must be used during bad hair days. Styling gel is a good option but check out that it doesn’t have too much of alcohol content. It is advised to use gel occasionally and always wash your hair to remove gel before you sleep.”

He adds, “Hairstyles that are neither long nor short are the rage this season. It allows you to experiment and try out different hair styles.”

Kenneth Frost, leading international hair stylist, says, “‘Bollywood movies can be a big inspiration for hair stylists. A little bit of the rich colours of India can be added to the styles to showcase the essence of the country. But the bottom line for any style should be comfort and good looks.”

The biggest hairstyle mistakes men make.
Buying the wrong hair product is the biggest mistake people make. Select the hair product according to your hair type and read the contents mentioned in the product. Is it of good quality or fake?

In the market you get numerous hair gels which are look alike of premiere hair gel brands. However, they are of low quality and harmful for your hair. Know your hair type and use the right hair gel.

Wet look gel adds moisture to your hair, so it’s for ideal people who have dry hair. Products that are matte are for people with normal hair. If you put shine on normal hair, you get a greasy look. But most importantly, avoid using too much hair gel.

Men all around the world always want their hair to be in place, even if they don’t have much hair. The looks of keeping hair neat and short for those with less hair is always a trendy look.

The shaven head styles can always add that sexy look to a man. A lot of women prefer bald guys because of the association with virility! There are many celebrities with this style and it is also a way for many men to dress hair loss with a trendy and appealing look. It is an easy maintenance as hairstyle for men.

Keeping your scalp healthy is important. Nourishing it with a good oil such as jojoba oil and not allowing the scalp to go dry is very important. Excess shampooing can (ironically) lead to dry scalp too, along with dehydration and excess intake of caffeine. Using a hair dryer, and gels/sprays that contain alcohol are some of the other popular causes of dry scalp.

Following these easy tips and a regular hair care will make you look very attractive no matter your age.

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