Percy Nobleman Beard Care is Great for Men

Percy Nobleman is a company offering a different solution for men with facial hair grooming issues. DESIblitz tests out some of their beard care products.

Percy Nobleman ~ Expert Beard Care for Men

The face and stubble wash is a soothing, pleasant experience

Percy Nobleman is a company that specialises in men’s grooming products, with a focus on beards.

Fans of fuzz know all too well that grooming can be troublesome and often hazardous. With so many products on the market, it’s all too easy to end up with inferior grooming products that leave your skin and facial hair dry.

A well groomed and maintained beard is important for a man’s well being, and can transform a scrawny scruffbag into a bushy beefcake with surprisingly little effort.

Percy Nobleman understand the importance of quality, and have released a series of grooming products made from high quality ingredients that treat skin as a precious canvas from which humanity can project its best qualities.

DESIblitz got a chance to test out two of these products, here is what we thought.

Who is Percy Nobleman?

Percy Nobleman

Unlike other grooming brands, Percy Nobleman has its own thrilling back story, available to read in comic book form as a PDA or a physical copy that comes with the products they sell.

Percy is the latest in the succession of Nobleman family, gentlemen who share a common interest in crafting the most exceptional beards, in fact, he runs a shop in London that caters to this interest.

After uncovering his grandfather’s old ledger, Percy discovers instructions on how to grow the perfect beard, leading him and his dog Pedro across the ocean in search of the finest raw ingredients, and into the jaws of danger.

Think Tintin for hipsters, and you’ll have an idea of what we’re talking about.

The beardless are also welcome

Percy Nobleman’s face and stubble range are products that can be used by men with or without beards.

Collaborating with UK health and beauty retailer Boots, the idea behind the new products was to bridge the gap between face care and beard care.

Percy Nobleman

The face and stubble wash is a soothing, pleasant experience. The combined scents of mint and cucumber give the wash a freshness without being too sharp.

Designed with beards in mind, the wash is a malleable, viscous liquid that is somewhere between soap and hair gel in consistency, but without the sticky texture, a product that gets deep into the skin of even the thickest of face-rugs.

The moisturiser is more of the same. A fresh, mellow scent of mint and cucumber that is extremely pleasant on the skin, more importantly this moisturiser does what so many others fail to do so: it feels like it’s not even there.

Once absorbed into the skin, you don’t get the wet or heavy feel that you often get from some other moisturisers.

DESIblitz tested its longevity in a harsh work environment, but even ten hours after application the skin feels soft and is protected from drying out.

Percy Nobleman

Beard hair benefits from this too, even without using the other beard-specific products that Percy Nobleman offers.

Less than a week of using the face and stubble wash and moisturiser leaves the beard feeling softer and more easily tameable.

A backstory for grooming products?

“Despite the societal perception of men with beards,” the accompanying comic book argues: “If groomed properly they can be as much an asset to a businessman… as a good suit.”

Percy Nobleman’s collection is based around the core ideology that the problems men face with grooming can be solved by a few simple changes to their products.

A good beard can change the perspective of even the most stubborn judgemental character.

Remarkably, by offering a narrative to accompany their products, Percy Nobleman has been able to foster a dialogue about what it means to offer more than just cost-effective measures.

The quality-over-quantity approach to grooming can be seen in a number of products that the company offers, with an emphasis on natural ingredients.

Percy Nobleman

Beard conditioning oil, balm, moustache wax and a special Thai wood comb that prevents static are all available at surprisingly affordable prices.

The Face and Stubble Wash retails for £12.99, while the moisturiser is £16.99, which for products of this quality, is a steal.

Results are noticeable very quickly as well, giving your skin a lively bounce and your facial hair a silky smooth texture.

You can use them as part of a wider skin and beard grooming routine, or simply to smack some life into your skin after a shower or bath.

Percy Nobleman products are available to purchase from Boots retailers in the UK, and online.

People with sensitive skin should always test for allergic reactions on a smaller patch of skin before using skincare products properly.

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