12 Sex Myths you Must know About

There are many sex myths which can lead couples to doing things sexually which may not be safe or right. We pick twelve sex myths you should know about.

Sex Myths

The only way to prevent pregnancy is to use contraception

Sex myths are created by hearsay, misinformation or simply facts that have been misunderstood.

There are many sex myths that need more explanation or need to be totally debunked.

We have selected 10 sex myths which will give you the answer if they are true or false, to help you ascertain the facts about each myth.

It’s possible to get pregnant whilst having a period?

TRUE. Since sperm can live in the vaginal opening for up to 5-6 days after sex.

If you have unprotected sex during your period and you ovulate soon after your period, the sperm can fertilise the egg. And you can get pregnant.

Sex is not proper sex if you do not orgasm

FALSE. Sex does not always have to have an ending such as an orgasm. Too many people see the conclusion of sex only being as an orgasm without enjoying what they do to get to that climax. Sex is not just about the orgasm. It is a lot more.

What feels pleasurable for both of you is most important. Your intimacy and what you feel matters more than just focusing on an orgasm as a conclusion. Explore each other more.

Too many people get dissatisfied with sex if they are unable to orgasm, due to lack of sexual knowledge, not enough stimulation or just not feeling it is going to happen.

The issue is not to worry about it but to enjoy each other and let orgasm happen when it will. Stop thinking about it in your head during sex. Relax and enjoy your sexual encounter.

sex myths orgasms

You can only lose your virginity by penetrative sex

FALSE. Whilst penetration of the penis into a woman who is a virgin can lead to the loss of her virginity, it is possible to lose your virginity by other means.

There is much talk about the hymen and what happens to it. Basically, it breaks or tears and there is suppose to be blood from this action. This is not always the case.

The hymen does not cover the whole of the vagina, only a part of it. Otherwise, it would be difficult for the woman to menstruate. It comes in all different shape and sizes.

For some young women, the hymen may tear during doing sport, bike riding, tampons or possibly using a finger. Therefore, this does not mean she is not a virgin.

Therefore, virginity cannot be not proven purely by the hymen being intact or not.

Also, some women are born without a hymen. For others, it might not break until having sex a few times.

However, to ‘ensure’ virginity is proven by the hymen, some women have hymen’s reconstructed using plastic surgery and even use fake blood to prove they are a virgin.

You get pregnant after sex for the first time

TRUE. It is possible to get pregnant after sex for the first time if you do not use any kind of contraception.

A girl can get pregnant as soon as she starts ovulating (releasing eggs). So, it is important to use contraception, if you intend to have any kind of sexual contact for the first time, unless, you want to get pregnant.

sex myths pregnant
Pregnancy can be prevented by douching after sex

FALSE. Douching with water, soda, vinegar or anything else into your vagina after having sex will not prevent pregnancy.

In fact, it could give you an infection.

The only way to prevent pregnancy is to use contraception every time you have vaginal intercourse.

Only intercourse can make a woman orgasm

FALSE. Only about 25% of women orgasm during intercourse based sex. The remaining 75% of women do not orgasm through intercourse on its own. They require additional stimulation of the clitoris.

Some women can only orgasm through clitoral or G-spot stimulation with fingers. And others using sex toys.

Size matters and bigger is better

FALSE. The size of your penis isn’t what matters but what you do with definitely matters. Size is more important to a man’s ego than it is to a woman’s pleasure.

Only about 3-4 centimetres into the vaginal canal is where the sensory nerves are present for female stimulation, arousal and orgasms. Therefore, using your penis to pleasure this area is of most importance.

Penis and vaginas come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, something like a big penis and a very small vagina are not good combination. As pain will be a huge issue for the woman.

Many women are more interested in what kind of stimulation and sexual pleasure you can give, irrespective of your size.

Size, therefore, is very much down to individual preference and compatibility.

You can’t get an STD from oral sex

FALSE. Since most STDs can spread via vaginal or anal sex, if oral sex is unprotected, it can too pose a risk for you to catch a STD.

Oral sex can spread sexual diseases like like HPV, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, and hepatitis B.. HIV is less likely to be transmitted through oral sex.

It is better you use condoms on the penis, especially favoured ones for more pleasure for oral sex with a man, and use Sheer Glyde dams, plastic wrap for oral sex or cut-open condoms with a woman.

sex myths oral sex

The pull-out method cannot make you pregnant

FALSE. The pull-out method is very dangerous form of protection from pregnancy and it can get a female pregnant.

This is due to sperm being present in the pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-cum) of a male, which can be released before a full ejaculation, due to his excitement and the arousal of the penis, whilst inside.

Remember only one sperm can make a female pregnant, so it is too risky to use the pull-out method as a means of contraception. Always insist on using a condom or other form of birth control to avoid pregnancy. This will also protect you from STDs.

About 10 percent of women experience sexual pain

FALSE. The number is actually a lot higher. About 30% of women experience some kind of sexual pain.

So, if sex is painful for the woman, it must not be ignored. Look at ways to ease the pain such as different positions and slow down, stop using force and speed. If the pain is consistent, seek medical help.

Women love to have sex like porn stars

FALSE. Adult stars are conditioned to having sex as shown in porn, besides they also get paid to do it. Women on the other hand are not. For women, intimacy and foreplay matters a lot more than rampant sex.

It is how you do it what matters versus what you do. If you just charge into intercourse and expect an instant gratification, do not be surprised that you do not.

Porn is not real sex, it is staged and made for a specific purpose – to entertain you. Whereas, real sex with women needs a good understanding of what she wants and what really feels pleasurable.

This does not mean women do not have a wild side, of course they do! But it’s down to the partner to get them to that state and satisfy their individual desires.

sex myths women

Weak erections or quick ejaculation cannot be fixed

FALSE. Erectile dysfunction and impotence (where you ejaculate quickly) are two issues that can be helped with medical support.

Some of these issues are more related to the mind than physical issues. There are many ways to find support for erectile dysfunction and ejaculation issues.

Do not shy away from seeking medical advice. You are not alone. Also, partner support from the woman is essential to help your man combat these issues.

There are many more sex myths than these! So, do not believe everything you see, hear or read. If you are unsure about any kind of sexual practice, always seek medical or professional advice.

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