Pakistani Boxer Hussain Shah slams Amir Khan’s Criticism

Pakistani bronze medallist winner Hussain Shah has condemned boxer Amir Khan for refusing to recognise his participation to Pakistan.

Pakistani Boxer Hussain Shah slams Amir Khan's Criticism f

"We are the true Pakistanis.”

Pakistani Olympic bronze medallist boxer Hussain Shah has condemned British-born Pakistani boxer, Amir Khan, for not recognising his contributions to the country.

Recently, Amir Khan questioned and criticised Shah’s services for Pakistan during an online interaction with a group of Pakistani media journalists.

During the interaction, Khan highlighted the fact Shah has been residing in Japan and has done nothing to help Pakistani boxers. He said:

“What has Hussain done for Pakistan? Hussain spent his entire life in Japan. Why didn’t he train the Pakistani boxers?”

However, this did not sit well with Shah who found out about Khan’s criticism through the media.

Speaking to The News from Tokyo on Tuesday, 14 April 2020, he said:

“I was surprised to know from Pakistan media today that Amir Khan has refused to accept my services for Pakistan. Amir should tell me what he has done for Pakistan.”

Shah is the only Pakistan boxer who has won a bronze medal in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

He has also won five South Asian gold medals and is an Asian Games silver medallist.

Shah who has permanently settled in Japan along with his family trains professional boxers.

It seems sports runs in the family as his son, Shah Hussain is also an Olympian judoka. He represented Pakistan at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He continued to state:

“I have bagged so many medals for Pakistan. I ask Amir why he never represented Pakistan at the Olympics?

“After Amir won Junior World Championship title, former Pakistan’s boxing chief Professor Anwar Chowdhry met Amir’s father and requested that Amir should play for Pakistan as he can easily make it to the Olympics but he told Chowdhry that he would think about it. But later, Amir decided not to play for Pakistan.

“I have given my blood, sweat and tears for my country. Not only have I played for Pakistan but my son Shah Hussain is also playing despite living in Japan.

“Shah Hussain declined nationality offers from various developed nations because of his love for his own homeland.”

Shah further added that he does not understand why Pakistan’s media interview Khan. He said:

“I don’t know why Pakistani media interviews Amir as he has no right because he has not done anything for the country.

“His younger brother Haroon Khan played for Pakistan because England was not selecting him and he wanted to qualify for the Olympics.”

He went on to mention that Khan is simply using Pakistan’s name to earn money. He further said:

“The gym, which has been occupied by Amir in Islamabad, is named after me. I advise media not to interview him.

“My son recently won gold in the South Asian Games in Nepal. We are the true Pakistanis.”

As of yet, Amir Khan had not responded to Hussain Shah.

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