Indian Love Marriage results in Husband badly Beaten Up

An Indian couple who had a love marriage was attacked not far from a police station, where the husband was badly beaten by a group of men.

Indian Love Marriage results in Husband badly Beaten Up f

"They came at me on the road to break my hands"

With the desire to marry each other out of love, an Indian love marriage endured a horrific attack on the couple, where the husband was left with serious injuries to his hands, legs and feet.

The attackers belong to the family of a woman named Anjali who had got married to Mohit out of love. 

The attack took place a short distance away from the Alwar women’s police station, in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan, on Friday, December 3, 2021.

It has emerged from the details of this incident that Mohit was attacked by over a dozen of attackers who used sticks (lathis). The family members embarked on a mission to take Anjali back home and did not accept her marriage to Mohit.

The family had lodged a case with the local police station that Mohit had abducted her. However, this was not the case, and Anjali and Mohit had willingly had a love marriage 20 days before the incident.

Therefore, after police called the pair in for questioning, male family members from Anjali’s side waited for them to leave the local station in Alwar.

Then, six youths launched the vicious attack on Mohit after the couple was no more than 50 metres away from the police station.

After the attack, Mohit was immediately taken to a local hospital by ambulance. Mohit told reporters what took place, saying:

“They came at me on the road to break my hands, legs and feet. Hitting me endlessly.”

In her disclosure, Anjali gave names of the attackers who she knew were definitely from her side. speaking very anxiously, she said:

“Those people grabbed my husband and hit him on the hands and legs.”

“One of them was Rinku and the others present included Ameet, Dinesh, Vinod and another named Sunil and Akash.”

Mohit explained that he married Anjali 20 days ago with complete consent as they are both adults. However, Anjali’s parents claimed he had run away with their daughter, lodging the case at the women’s police station.

Anjali says that strict action needs to be taken against those from her family side who beat up her husband. Even soon after their love marriage, an attempt was made to assault Mohit and threats were made to kill him because her family were completely against the marriage and blamed Mohit.

Further to the attack and incident, assistant Sub-Inspector Suman told reporters that as soon as he got information related to the assault, they acted and assisted with Mohit being taken to the hospital.

Identifying the culprits is going to be the next step. Once they find them, further action will be taken by the police.

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