US Pakistani Man reacts badly to Wife flirting with Bodybuilder

A US Pakistani man watched a video of his wife flirting with a bodybuilder. The footage led the husband to have a bad reaction.

US Pakistani Man reacts badly to Wife flirting with Bodybuilder f

"I won't do anything but I'll definitely check him out."

A US Pakistani man reacted badly after seeing a video of his wife flirting with a bodybuilder.

Mohammed Ahmed wanted to put his wife to the test after he felt that her behaviour changed once they moved to America.

He, therefore, approached To Catch a Cheater and their host Luis Mercado.

Mohammed, who is thought to be originally from Pakistan, explained that he had visited the United States in the past. The couple has been living there for three years.

On his relationship with his wife, Mr Ahmed said:

“Everything changed. Back in Pakistan, I tell her, you sit home, she sit home. I tell her come, she covers face, she comes.

“Here [In America], phone, phone, everytime phone. I do not like.”

Mr Ahmed went on to say: “America no good, no good. Girls, no good. No cover face, no nothing.”

He then controversially said that in Pakistan, people beat their wives for doing such things.

Luis explained to the US Pakistani man that they have worked with bodybuilder Connor Murphy to approach his wife and see what she does.

He said that she was out having dinner with a friend while Connor waited outside.

US Pakistani Man reacts badly to Wife flirting with Bodybuilder - reacts

The video starts with Connor, in disguise, as he talks to Mohammed’s wife Farrah and her friend. From the beginning, Mr Ahmed questions why he is talking to his wife.

Connor then shows pictures of himself posing shirtless to the women, who are unaware that it is the same person. When Connor asks if they would flirt with him, Mrs Ahmed responds:

“I’m a married woman so I won’t do anything but I’ll definitely check him out.”

After asking the women to turn around, Connor takes off his hat, glasses and shirt. Upon seeing Connor taking off his shirt, Mohammed appears confused.

While the friend does not appear impressed, Farrah asks if his body is natural which prompts Connor to ask her to touch his chest.

Despite Mrs Ahmed asking to not have it on video, the camera continues filming.

Connor next asks both women to grab each of his biceps while he lifts them up. As he does so, Mr Ahmed shakes his head.

Mohammed then says “this is too much” when he sees his wife touching the bodybuilder’s chest and abs.

His expression turns to shock when he sees his wife having a picture taken with the fitness fanatic. Connor asks for her number but she replies:

“You’re young and you’re cute but I’m married, no thank you.”

Connor then questions: “If you weren’t married then would I have a chance of getting your number?”

She told him:

“If I wasn’t married, I would do a lot more with you, trust me.”

Her response leads to an angry expression on her husband’s face, questioning why is she touching another person. Luis said that his wife “passed” which led to Mr Ahmed briefly turning on him, asking if he can trust him.

Luis told the US Pakistani man: “She said she has a husband, that she was married and she didn’t want his number.”

Mr Ahmed then stated that she had to stay at home since she was married. He went on to say that she has to learn discipline.

He said: “I didn’t expect that she would do that.”

US Pakistani Man reacts badly to Wife flirting with Bodybuilder - angry

When Luis asked what would happen if the roles were reversed, Mohammed replied:

“Man can do anything. I can marry four times, it’s okay. But a woman needs to behave. They need to behave, they have to stay at home, take care of the kids and cook food.”

Mohammed stated that she should receive “lashes” for her actions before breaking down in tears.

On what he will do, Mohammed said: “Now I will kick her out of my house.”

His response led to Luis believing that his reaction was extreme.

Mohammed then called his wife to confront her about the video. When he begins questioning her about the meeting with Connor, Farrah remains silent.

She then tells her husband to calm down before he asks if she would “dare” to do the same thing in Pakistan.

Farrah told her husband: “Mohammed, we are in America, you know it’s America.”

He replied: “It doesn’t matter! The same rules apply.”

Despite repeatedly telling him that nothing happened, Mohammed continued shouting which resulted in Luis trying to calm him down.

Farrah mentioned that her friend made her hang of Connor’s arms, which led to Mohammed saying:

“Your friend is a wh**e, you know. Don’t go out with her anymore, you know!”

The angry husband goes on to ask what is her friend’s name, referring to her as a “wh**e.” Farrah then hanged up. A few moments later, Mohammed continued shouting, making threats that he is going to hit her.

He says: “She’s a wh**e. How dare she do this. She didn’t go out with me but look at what she did!

“I will throw that b***h out. I will throw the b***h out today, you watch.”

Mohammed then shouts at Luis: “She was supposed to go out with me, not with another guy!”

His extreme reaction leads to Luis asking his associate to cut the show. Before leaving, Mohammed makes comments about Connor.

The video generated controversy on social media with users stating that Farrah clearly declined the bodybuilder’s phone number.

They also slammed Mohammed for his narrow mindset and comments about his wife, and even if he is Pakistani or Indian or Bangladeshi based on his dialect at the end of the video.

Watch the video of the Husband’s reaction:

It's not fair but what do you know??

It's not fair but what do you know??

Posted by Revenge Pranks on Saturday, 12 October 2019

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