Indian Man slaps Schoolboy for ‘Flirting’ with Girlfriend

An Indian man was caught on camera slapping a schoolboy for allegedly flirting with his girlfriend. This ignited a social media debate.

Indian Man slaps Schoolboy for 'Flirting' with Girlfriend f

the man grew angrier and slapped the boy.

In a viral video, an Indian man was seen slapping a schoolboy for supposedly flirting with his girlfriend.

On social media, the incident sparked a debate over who was in the wrong.

Although the location was not revealed, several eagle-eyed viewers claimed the boy’s school uniform was the same one worn by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan students.

The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan is a system of central government schools in India, with over 1,200 schools across the country.

It is believed that the boy had been flirting with a girl, despite being in a relationship with another man.

The teenager found himself in hot water when the boyfriend found out and confronted him, seemingly outside the school.

Footage showed the young man questioning the schoolboy for getting flirty with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the boy had nowhere to go as he was pinned up against a wall.

As the youngster attempted to respond and deny his actions, the man grew angrier and slapped the boy.

He slapped the teenager again before putting his motorcycle helmet down, indicating that things would get even more heated.

Other teenage boys watch the incident unfold and at one point, one person stands in front of the camera, prompting another to pull him out of the way.

The man continues to berate the schoolboy for allegedly flirting with his girlfriend and slaps him a third time before the video ends.

The video amassed over 70,000 views and sparked a range of opinions in the comments section.

Some sided with the man, stating his actions were justified as he was defending his lover.

One wrote: “Beat the b*****d.”

Another said: “Man, how wrong these students are!”

However, some slammed the man for using violence on a schoolboy.

It also sparked questions over the man’s age. Netizens speculated that the girlfriend goes to the same school as the boy and claimed that the man is dating a minor.

One user commented: “Non-uniform guy doesn’t look like he’s in school so book him already.”

Another wondered:

“Is he the girl’s BF or an uncle? These days, such boys are luring minor girls. Parents, pay attention to the girls.”

Believing the video will come back to haunt the man, one said:

“I believe karma will hit back at that green shirt guy.”

Others made fun of the situation, with one person advising caution before engaging in flirtatious behaviour, suggesting that individuals should inquire about the other person’s relationship status and even get a signed declaration to avoid such misunderstandings.

Another labelled the incident as a “college boy dating a schoolgirl”.

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