Jealous Man murdered Housemate after Spying on Her & BF

A London man murdered his housemate in a jealous rage after listening to her dates with her boyfriend with hidden surveillance devices.

Jealous Man murdered Housemate after Spying on Her & BF f

“It hurts to see you every day knowing you’ll never like me."

Sheldon Rodrigues, aged 30, of Hayes, London, was convicted of the murder of his housemate after refusing to accept that she did not want a relationship with him.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil John, of the Met’s Specialist Crime Command, said:

“For years Stephanie Hansen tried to extricate herself from Sheldon Rodrigues’ attention, attempting to make him understand that there was no chance of their friendship developing any further.

“Rodrigues refused to accept this and embarked on a campaign of persistent harassment over this time, a campaign that became more intense and sinister as it reached its violent conclusion.

“Stephanie was brutally attacked in her own home by someone she had known for years.

“It was clear she had become exhausted by Rodrigues’ persistent attention and was trying to find a way out.”

Rodrigues and Stephanie had known each other since 2015, prior to them moving in together in April 2021.

For Stephanie, moving in together was to share bills.

Rodrigues wanted to be in a relationship with Stephanie but she just wanted to be friends.

Rodrigues frequently sent his housemate messages, expressing his desire for them to be in a relationship.

One message in 2021 read: “It hurts to see you every day knowing you’ll never like me.”

Stephanie replied: “I do like you but just not enough.”

The Old Bailey heard he appeared not to accept the rejection, offering to change and even have surgery to alter his appearance.

Rodrigues’ behaviour became more sinister in late 2022 when Stephanie began a relationship with a colleague.

He made threatening comments to both Stephanie and her boyfriend.

He sent anonymous messages to Stephanie’s workplace in a bid to undermine her new relationship.

Rodrigues purchased surveillance equipment, including spy cameras and listening devices, which he installed around their house in Willenhall Drive so he could monitor his housemate’s relationship.

In November 2022, while Rodrigues was abroad in India, analysis revealed he spent more than 100 hours listening in on Stephanie, averaging around five hours a day.

Rodrigues also followed Stephanie’s partner in his car, paying someone £100 to drive him.

He also sent an anonymous message to the man, threatening his family.

Throughout December 2022, Rodrigues continued to harass Stephanie, urging her to end the relationship. On other occasions, he admitted he had been a “psycho”.

Stephanie confided in her boyfriend that she going to have to move away.

On December 30, Rodrigues arrived home from work at around 7 am.

He worked a night shift for a cargo company near Heathrow Airport, knowing that her boyfriend had spent the night at the house.

Despite being at work, Rodrigues spent most of his shift listening in on what was going on in the house via his surveillance devices.

On his return, he launched a violent attack on Stephanie in her bedroom. The severity resulted in Rodrigues suffering cuts to his hands.

Rodrigues then attempted to cover up the crime and lay the blame on her boyfriend.

He called his workplace, saying he would not be in that night as he had cut his hand while washing up. Rodrigues then went to a chemist to get bandages to treat his wounds.

He also sent messages to Stephanie’s phone to give the impression she was still alive.

At around 10 am the following day, Rodrigues called the emergency services, claiming to have just found his housemate’s body.

When officers spoke to Rodrigues, he immediately tried to blame Stephanie’s boyfriend.

Noticing open bandage packaging within the house, officers enquired about any injuries – Rodrigues claimed he had cut his hand while cutting a chicken on Christmas Day, however, the cuts were still open and appeared fresh.

CCTV footage from his workplace showed Rodrigues there on December 29, interacting with co-workers and giving one a high-five.

At no point was he wearing bandages.

Further analysis from outside the property showed that Stephanie’s boyfriend had left the house on December 29, shortly before Rodrigues returned home.

With evidence mounting, Rodrigues was charged with Stephanie’s murder.

Nearly 60 separate injuries were recorded on her body, the court heard, including knife wounds to her neck and blunt force injuries caused by a hairdryer and a large fan.

DCI Neil John added: “While this conviction will do little to ease the intense pain that Stephanie’s family and friends continue to endure following her death, I hope it reinforces the Met’s determination to hold those who inflict violence against women and girls to account.”

Rodrigues was found guilty of Stephanie’s murder.

He has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced on March 8, 2024.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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