‘Jealous’ Man sent Sex Videos of Ex-Girlfriend to her Mum

A “jealous” man from Birmingham sent explicit sex videos of his ex-girlfriend to her mother and laughed about it.

Jealous Man sent Sex Videos of Ex-Girlfriend to her Mum f

"he knew the mother was appalled, disgusted and offended."

Aaron Jandu, aged 26, of Birmingham, was jailed for 18 and a half months after he sent sexual videos of his ex-girlfriend to her mother.

Birmingham Crown Court heard he showed no remorse and told police he wished he had sent them to her father as well.

Prosecutor Matthew Barnes said they had an “unhappy” split in 2019 but were still in contact on December 10, 2020, when the victim picked Jandu up in her car.

She felt “pressured” by Jandu and “sorry for him”, knowing he was struggling with drink and drug problems.

Mr Barnes said Jandu was “emotional and angry” before a row broke out.

Mr Barnes explained: “In the parked car an argument followed, during which he took her iPhone from her then assaulted her in the process, grabbing her throat, restricting her breathing, holding the back of her neck and arms forcefully.

“He told her he was going to beat her for turning him into a monster.

“He entered the password to her phone which he had remembered and was shouting abuse at her when he went to escape the car.

“She grabbed him in an attempt to stop him and was dragged out of the car.

“He threw a glass bottle of alcohol at her in an attempt to get free and get away. It struck her on the forehead and she sustained reddening and bruising for the assault.”

After the attack, the woman was left “crying and shaking” in a shop.

Mr Barnes continued: “Very soon after the defendant viewed private sexual videos of her. Just before 6 pm the defendant sent them to her mother on WhatsApp with the message: ‘Hahahaha’.

“As anybody would know and he knew the mother was appalled, disgusted and offended.”

Police used phone tracking software to find and arrest Jandu.

He went on to harass his ex-girlfriend with abusive calls and messages while on bail, appearing to show “jealousy”.

The court that Jandu was cautioned in March 2020 for an “almost identical” incident where he sent a picture to his ex-girlfriend’s mother, showing the woman performing a sex act.

On that occasion, his message read: “Look at this she’s got a smile on her face.”

Jandu admitted common assault, disclosing a sexual private photograph or film without consent and harassment.

The victim confronted Jandu from the witness box and branded him “untrustworthy”, “narcissistic” and a “danger” to her.

She described his actions as “inhumane and unforgivable” stating they had “destroyed my mental health”.

The victim added: “You are truly an embarrassment. You can’t live with your wrongs. Your actions are ridiculous and will have consequences.”

Lewis Perry, defending, said: “All of this boils down to him being under the influence of drink and drugs at the time.

“That led to him behaving the way he did. He can’t hide away from that. He wasn’t in the right frame of mind at all.”

Judge Avik Mukherjee stated that immediate imprisonment was the “only appropriate punishment” as Jandu posed a risk to the public and showed no realistic prospect of rehabilitation.

He said:

“This was intended to maximise distress and humiliation.”

“It was an act of revenge, frankly, against the complainant and her mother. This caused extreme distress.”

Jandu was jailed for 18 and a half months.

He was also banned from contacting the victim under a seven-year restraining order.

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