Indian Students call Canada ‘Underdeveloped’ and a ‘Scam’

Footage of Indian students has gone viral after they warned people that Canada isn’t as it seems and that they are better off not coming.

Indian Students call Canada 'Underdeveloped' and a 'Scam'

"We thought it is a developed country"

Canadian locals and students around the world are surrpised after a video of Indian international students criticising the country made its rounds on social media. 

Canada is home to thousands of Indians who migrate over for education or a new life. 

Mixed communities can be found in certain cities like Toronto and Brampton, which have thriving Desi neighbourhoods. 

The nation has been one of the most popular destinations for students from India.

Therefore, this video has shocked viewers, given the opinions of those invovled. 

The clip, posted on the NMG Brampton Instagram page shows a group of students being interviewed.

A man is initially asked:

“Is this what you imagined Canada would be?”

The student responds: 

“Never, no one ever expected this. Being in a home country and looking all over the world, people always think that something would be better. 

“But after lying in certain countries, for example, Canada, people get to know the reality. The reality check is a must.”


The question then posed to the group of students is:

“If you could go back, would you prefer a different country?”

One individual responds: 

“I would suggest everyone to stay at their home country and do something for your country.”

Another student adds: 

“We thought it is a developed country.

“So we will get more facilities, everything will be better for a good lifestyle.

“So, this situation has made our mind [go] in the opposite direction than that.”

The interviewer then asked another man: 

“If you were outside of Canada and you wanted to send your child aboard, would you send it to Canada?”

His reply was unfiltered, as he expressed: 

“Listen, even I want to run out of Canada.

“It’s scam, man. Just paying a number of taxes, number of taxes, number of taxes.”

The video has certainly ruffled locals and a flood of them showed their dismay in the comments on Instagram.

One person stated: 

“Instead of complaining about Canada, why are they not going back to India where it is so great?”

A second person claimed: “Bro, you guys made Canada worse” and a third commented: “Why in the world would Canada let all these immigrants into this sinking economy?”

The students were also bombarded with discriminatory remarks. An Instagram user said: 

“How about fixing your cesspool homeland instead.”

Another viewer remarked: 

“Singhs want us to believe they are the hardest working people in Canada. 

“Let me tell you they are robbing us blind from these fake call centres every day.”

There is certainly growing tensions in the country due to immigration and the cost of living. And, it seems these issue are being felt from locals and those coming from abroad. 

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Videos courtesy of Instagram.

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