Flirting and Farewells in Desi Rascals 2 Finale

In the Desi Rascals Series 2 finale, the cast bid farewell to Jo. Solomon persists in his pursuit of Kavita. Will Adam and Yasmin make up? And can Moses steal Jo’s heart?

Desi Rascals Solomon Solly Akhtar Kavita Sodha

“I guess your persistence has paid off a little bit.”

In the eighth and final episode of Desi Rascals 2, the Shahdashians and the rest of the Desi Rascals family say goodbye to Jo with one awesome farewell party!

Solly is still (still!?) in pursuit of Kavita. Will he manage to break down her resistance?

After feuding for most of Desi Rascals Series 2, will Adam and Yasmin be able to resolve their differences?

And will Moses be able to make one last stand, to win Jo’s heart, and save MoJo?

Solly’s persistence pays off with Kavita?

Desi Rascals Solomon Akhtar Kavita SodhaSolomon takes Kavita to Margate for a lovely sunny day by the seaside.

Kavita continues to play coy with Solly: “You’ve captured me…You’ve kidnapped me.”

Solomon takes Kavita to an art gallery. Among the works of art, Kav spots a portrait of herself by Solly. And she seems genuinely impressed.

However, Solly’s attempts to romance her seem to fall flat.

At one point, Solly says: “I want to kiss you.”

Kavita replies: “Not today, Solly.”

Desi Rascals Solomon Akhtar Kavita SodhaAnd walking along the beach, Solly says: “I’m falling for you, quite a lot.”

Kavita says: “I’m just enjoying it for what it is, Sol.”

But Solly does not give up. And at the end of the day, Kavita concedes: “I guess your persistence has paid off a little bit.”

Nevertheless, Kavita wants to take things slowly and not rush things.

They share an innocent peck and a cuddle, as they look into the distance.

Adam and Yasmin no longer ‘friends’?

Desi Rascals Adam Michaelidies Yasmin KarimiKavita and George urge Yasmin to sort things out with Adam, once and for all.

Adam agrees to meet her but they are still very angry with each other.

Adam says: “You’re at the stage where you want to go down a serious route.

“And I’m not ready for that. So it kills me inside.

“If we were in different times, we’d probably end up married.”

Adam decides: “I don’t think we can be friends.”

Yasmin is hurt. She says:

“You go ahead. Be 26. Live your lavish lifestyle. Drive around in your Ferrari. Play around with girls that don’t want commitment.”

She cannot hide the bitterness when she departs.

But knowing these two, surely this cannot be the end!

Romantic Mr and Mrs Shahdashian

Desi Rascals Manoj Celia Shah

Manoj covers Celia’s eyes as he brings her into the Vara Technik garage.

Sanj has been working on a motorbike for her. Will she like her surprise?

“Ooooh! Flipping hell! Oh my God!” That’s a Yes.

But the surprises do not end there. Sharing picnic in the park, Manoj opens his heart to Celia.

“I’m the luckiest man on Earth, to have found a woman who was meant for me…”

He holds back the tears as, much to Celia’s delight, he puts an eternity ring on her finger. Awww.

Gorgeous Girls, Beware of the Boys

Desi Rascals Anj Baig Owais KhanThe Desi Rascals cast gather at Bush Hall in Shepherd’s Bush for Jo’s Farewell Party.

Panjabi MC is on the decks, with UK chart topper, ‘Mundhian tho bach ke’ blaring from the speakers.

The dance quartet of the Shahdashian sisters Jo and Nat, Rita Siddiqui, and Jasmin Walia put on an amazing performance.

They get PMC’s approval also as he says: “Ladies are looking amazing!”

Anj and Owais show the lads how it’s done when they pick up the metaphorical shovel to dig the soil. Classic!

Ross ‘proposes’ to Jasmin?

Desi Rascals Jasmin Walia Ross WorswickAs a leaving present for Jo, Jasmin performs of a rendition of ‘All of You’ by John Legend.

After, Ross joins her on stage and he delivers tear-jerker of a speech (which you can read about in more detail here).

He says: “You’re my best friend, you’re my girlfriend and my soulmate. And I want to marry you.”

Ross reaches for a box from his pocket. He asks: “Will you move in with me?”

It might not be the question she was expecting, but a teary Jasmin says: “Yes!”

Auntie M bids Jo farewell

Desi Rascals Manoj Shah Auntie M

At the party, Uncle Brij takes the stage as his female alter-ego ‘Auntie B’. He then proceeds to introduce ‘Auntie M’. Yes, that’s right, it’s Manoj.

The aunties even shake their fake boobs. Celia, Jo, and Nat look like they don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

B takes off M’s wig. And as Manoj, he tells Jo how proud he is of her and wishes her all the best in India.

He also adds: “When you’re in Mumbai, find a nice Gujrati boy!” Typical!

MoJo forever?

Desi Rascals Jo Shah Moses BaigOwais whisks Jo away from the party in an iconic Hindustan Ambassador.

He leaves her by a romantically lit-up Mumbai-esque gully, which leads to a beautiful little garden.

The ambient music in the background abruptly changes to Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’.

Moses appears wearing the superhero cape from their first date. And they both do a Power Dance to the dancefloor hit.

Desi Rascals Jo Shah Moses Baig

Both agree that they still want each other in their lives. As they hold each other close, they slowly sway to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking out loud’.

Jo says: “I feel like this is like a fairy tale.”

Moses says: “This is a fairy tale.”

Jo adds: “I don’t want this to end.”

Mo replies: “I’m always going to be here. So this will never end.”

MoJo kiss as the screen fades to black, and the credits roll for the last episode of Desi Rascals Series 2.

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Images courtesy of Sky 1 and Buccaneer Media

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