US Indian Father exposes Daughter for Cheating on Fiancé

A US Indian father exposed his daughter for cheating on her fiance. The incident was filmed and uploaded on social media.

US Indian Father exposes Daughter for Cheating on Fiancé f

"Singh describes in graphic detail the sex acts she wants to perform"

A US Indian father caught his daughter cheating on her fiancé. The incident was filmed before he confronted his daughter.

The video was uploaded to Facebook as the man wanted to expose his daughter.

Guldeep Singh initially wanted to find out if his daughter was a golddigger and approached Justice Warriors to expose her. She arranged to meet Luis Mercado, who is famous for his online videos, To Catch a Cheater.

It was revealed that she is a fan of his but she did not know that it was a setup.

Nineteen-year-old Sasha Singh arrived at a house in Los Angeles, California, however, she was unaware that she was being watched by three cameras.

Prior to meeting Sasha, Luis agreed to help expose her after finding out that her father and fiancé planned to confront her.

One of the crew members for Justice Warriors posed as Luis and used his Instagram which led to Sasha contacting him and arranging a meeting.

In the video, the narrator explains:

“Within 20 minutes of the initial message, Singh contacted Luis’ initial message of ‘Meow’.

“Singh is immediately giddy and can’t believe it is really him.

“Singh describes in graphic detail the sex acts she wants to perform in his Maserati.”

US Indian Father exposes Daughter for Cheating on Fiancé - kissing

She later sent him a nude photo and requested that he sends one back.

During their meeting, Sasha referred to Luis as “super-rich and hot” before calling him “cute”.

It was revealed in their messages that Sasha used racist language when talking about one of Luis’ videos. The messages were later shown to her father who was shocked by what he saw.

Her father is then shown the nude photo that his daughter sent which prompts him to turn away.

When he sees the picture, he says: “Oh, come on, just take it away this is too much.

“This is disgusting, can you just shut the camera. You delete them right now!”

As Sasha and Luis talk on the sofa, she begins touching his leg. Luis asks about a photo of Sasha with a man on social media, whom she claims is her brother but is actually her fiancé.

He was a family friend that the US Indian father introduced to his daughter and arranged a marriage between the two.

Luis and Sasha’s conversation leads to them kissing. While the video was originally meant to expose Sasha as a golddigger, her cheating was also caught on camera.

Luis leaves the room claiming that he will show Sasha his YouTube plaque but another man enters the room and confronts the teenager, leading to her realising that she had been set up.

He asked Sasha about her racist comments which she denied and later claimed was her phone’s autocorrect.

The man also showed the young woman the nude pictures she had sent.

As she is interrogated, Sasha gets up and leaves, however, when she goes out the door, she is confronted by her father and her fiancé.

US Indian Father exposes Daughter for Cheating on Fiancé - caught

Her father asked: “What is going on? Tell me.”

Sasha then questioned her fiancé: “Did you set me up?”

Her father then responded: “No it wasn’t him.”

The conversation between the father and daughter becomes heated as Sasha slapped her father only to be slapped back.

The US Indian father revealed that he wanted to see if she was a golddigger but ended up discovering that she cheated.

He told her: “I wanted to check if you’re a golddigger or not.”

Their confrontation is witnessed by the organisers of the setup, who watch the incident unfold through the window.

Sasha eventually walks away, followed by Mr Singh and her husband-to-be.

The crew met with her father for an update on the situation. They discovered that he has put a limit on her mobile phone use and has decided to arrange the marriage for an earlier date.

The narrator explained that the earlier marriage was so that “he doesn’t have to take care of her anymore”.

The video received a lot of attention on Facebook. Many viewers have criticised the father for setting up his daughter and for arranging her marriage to someone she presumably is not attracted to.

Many have stated that Sasha’s actions were a way of escaping her current situation.

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