Pakistani Wife exposes Cheating Husband at his 3rd Wedding

A Pakistani wife exposed her cheating husband by turning up at his third wedding. A video of the incident went viral.

Pakistani Wife exposes Cheating Husband at his 3rd Wedding f

the husband appears embarrassed by what is unfolding

In a viral video, a Pakistani wife exposed her cheating husband by turning up at his wedding.

It was revealed that it was his third marriage, having first cheated on his wife by marrying another woman. Behind his wives back, he decided to marry for a third time.

But the woman found out about her husband’s marriage and came up with a plan to call him out over his bigamy.

She turned up at the wedding venue with her young son, shouting at her husband and telling guests that she is his wife.

The venue was packed with guests and the woman is heard telling one of the man’s relatives that the event was her husband’s third marriage.

She points to her son and says she shares him with her husband. The woman also labels her husband “shameless”.

Meanwhile, the husband appears embarrassed by what is unfolding and refuses to look at his wife.

The relative then suggests that they go in the back to discuss the matter privately.

As the group makes their way to the backroom, the Pakistani wife stops by the front.

She is about to shout at the bride – who has no idea what is going on – but is stopped by a relative and ushered towards the backroom.

Guests continue to stand and watch the domestic matter.

In the backroom, the Pakistani wife explains that the wedding should not be going ahead because her husband is currently married to two women, her being one of them.

She found out about the third wedding through a video that had been shared on social media.

The woman told the group that she initially did not know that her husband got married to another woman.

It was only when she looked into the matter that she discovered that the wedding would be her husband’s third.

The group acknowledged what she was saying, suggesting they also did not know about the man’s marriages.

Her husband continues to avoid eye contact and his half-hearted attempts to defend himself indicate that he is guilty of marrying another woman and was set to marry a third time.


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The viral video led social media users to commend the woman for calling out her husband’s bigamy.

One user said:

“He’s so ashamed bro can’t even look her in the eyes. I hope both of them dumped him.”

Another commented: “Shame utterly disgraceful.”

Some netizens defended the man’s actions, prompting some social media users to slam them.

One comment read: “Those who are justifying this wrong act.

“Just imagine your father doing this without your knowledge.”

Another said: “People in the comments who are defending the actions of this man are exactly like him.

“No respect for anyone whosoever. Stop using your religion as a shield to do whatever you want. If you can’t see what’s wrong here then you need some serious help.”

Having multiple marriages is legally permissible in Pakistan but a man who wishes to remarry is required to obtain the legal consent of each of his current wives and to show that he can properly take care of all of them.

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