Punjabi Mother & Father Badly Beaten by Son over Land

In a shocking incident in Punjab, a son and his wife severely beat up his parents due to demands related to land from them.

Punjabi Mother & Father Badly Beaten by Son over Land f

The mother had her leg broken in a number of places

A Punjabi son, Beant Singh, and his wife, Rekha, both engaged in a major attack on his elderly parents regarding the ownership of land.

The incident which took place in the village of Kiri Afgana in Rupnagar, Punjab, escalated into the son and wife severely beating up his parents.

The father, Sucha Singh and mother, Baljit Kaur, were both recovered horrifically beaten, from the farming fields of the land in question, by fellow villagers.

They were taken immediately to the local hospital.

The violence resulted in the elderly parents suffering from very serious injuries and ongoing trauma.

Leading up to the incident, the son and his wife began to pressurise his parents to transfer ownership of the land.

The father, Sucha Singh, revealed from his hospital bed that he owns three acres of land and he has three sons.

However, his son Beant Singh and his wife, who both lived with them in the past, forced them to sell one-and-a-half acres.

Then, they continuously began to harass the parents to sell more and put the remainder of the land in their name.

After which the parents told his son and wife that they had to leave.

Beant Singh and his wife eventually moved out and began to live in Amritsar.

However, sometime later, not accepting what the parents said, they returned back to Kiri Afgana village.

They then began to harass and pressure the elderly parents again that they wanted their share of the land to be put into the name of their daughter.

But then when Sucha Singh and his wife refused to do the transfer of the land to their granddaughter, Beant Singh and Rekha reacted with extreme violence towards the parents.

They grabbed a metal farming tool and mindlessly began to beat Baljit Kaur, the mother, with it and they threw animal feed into her eyes.

They then attacked and badly beat up Sucha Singh, the father, with major injuries to his body, face and head.

The mother had her leg broken in a number of places from the attack.

Police took full statements from the parents at the hospital.

Investigating officer Gursewak Singh the case is a very serious one and a full investigation is now underway into the incident.

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