Anup Jalota: I wouldn’t have married Jasleen even if I was 35

Amid the romantic relationship rumours between Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu, Anup said he would not have married her even if he was 35.

Anup Jalota I wouldn't have married Jasleen even if I was 35 f

"Not at all. I wouldn't have married her."

Anup Jalota has stated that he is not romantically involved with Jasleen Matharu, revealing that he would not have married her even if he was 35-years-old.

The pair first made headlines when they entered Bigg Boss 12 as a jodi. That particular season had the concept of singles vs jodis.

Although they entered as a student and mentor pair, viewers speculated that they were actually a couple.

Jasleen recently posted a picture of her and Anup in wedding clothes which led to social media users thinking that they got married.

However, it was actually a picture from the set of their upcoming film Woh Meri Student Hai.

Anup Jalota revealed that after the picture went viral, people sent him messages of congratulations. He said that he replied with his own messages of congratulations.

He explained: “What else do I tell people who believe forwarded messages and misconstrue whatever they see online?

“Those who’re clearly asking if Jasleen and I have got married to each other, I am definitely telling them a clear ‘No’.”

The 67-year-old singer stated that he would not marry Jasleen even if he was 35.

“Not at all. I wouldn’t have married her.”

He explained his reasons: “Her modern and glamorous dressing wouldn’t have been appreciated in my family culture.”

While he did not judge Jasleen’s dress sense, he said it would not have gone well with his family.

Anup added: “Hum toh dhoti-kurta wale hain (dhoti-wearing man) who sings devotional songs. How would Jasleen’s avatar have been in sync with that?”

It has been reported that Jasleen’s father Kesar Matharu does not like the romantic speculation between his daughter and Anup.

He said that the film has been made to clarify that Anup and Jasleen are not in a relationship.

However, Anup revealed that he has done the film for financial purposes and not for what Kesar feels.

“I have been paid very well to act in it. Jasleen’s dad’s thinking might be different, but I am clear that I am not doing this film to clear people’s doubts.

“When I have not been in love with Jasleen, how can I marry her?

“And let people speculate whatever they want. I am not going to scream and drive my point home.

“So, I am clear that I have done this film to only earn good money. Anything wrong with that?”

On whether the film will do well at the box office, Anup replied:

“Why not? It has a good story. And let me also tell you that at no stage in the film have we had any track that Jasleen and my characters are having an affair and anybody is doubting it.

“So I really don’t know why Mr Kesar Matharu holds a viewpoint that the film has been made to convey that Jasleen and I are not together.”

Anup also spoke about Jasleen’s failed relationship with Dr Abhinit Gupta.

“That didn’t work out. Their Kundlis did not match.”

He added that he spoke to Jasleen shortly after her breakup and she said she was fine.

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