TV Actress Juggun Kazim got Fat-Shamed even after a Miscarriage

TV actress Juggun Kazim has opened up on being fat-shamed. She also said that the hurtful comments continued after she suffered a miscarriage.

TV Actress Juggun Kazim got Fat Shamed even after a Miscarriage f

"women just told me bluntly that I had become a bit too healthy".

Juggun Kazim has talked about being fat-shamed during her pregnancy and even after suffering a miscarriage.

The Pakistani-Canadian TV actress and presenter penned a lengthy post on Instagram explaining her ordeal.

She revealed that she lost her baby during the last week of August 2019 and went on to say how she was subjected to fat-shaming after gaining weight during her pregnancy.

Juggun wrote: “A humble request! Until a few days ago, I was pregnant. For some reason, I gained a lot of weight really, really quickly.

“But what shocked me was how much I started getting fat-shamed.

“One lady said, ‘Lagta hai Lahore ki hawa lag gaye hai (It looks like you’ve been struck by the winds of Lahore)’.”

The actress went on to state that “women just told me bluntly that I had become a bit too healthy”.

She added: “Until now, I wasn’t ready to share the news that I had been expecting a baby because my pregnancies have generally been precarious.”

Juggun then revealed that she suffered a miscarriage.

“Just last week, I had a miscarriage. My doctor has now told me that this time, it was quite serious and that there had been a lot of internal bleeding.”

However, she continued to be fat-shamed even after her miscarriage.

“I took a day off to mourn but then went back to work because, well, what else does one do?

“And the day after I resumed work, somebody again commented on how I was looking ‘extra healthy’.”

Juggun then urged people to stop fat-shaming others and to stop judging what others look like.

“We need to stop fat-shaming other people. People who are overweight know they are overweight.

“Their weight gain may be for any number of reasons, some desirable and some not.

“Yes, some people need to be encouraged to lead a more active lifestyle. But unless you are somebody’s mother or sister, don’t tell them what you think of their body.

“Life is short. Let’s try and live ours with kindness.”

Juggun Kazim got married to Feisal H Naqvi in 2013. The couple has a son named Hassan. She also has an elder son named Hamza from her previous marriage.

The Tribune reported that the TV star is an advocate against domestic abuse and uses the experiences she went through during her first marriage as an example.

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